Recently I have taken to burning perfume.



This began when deciding that a bottle of Maja Myrurgia, given to me by my perfume cohort Zubeyde, would smell better in the air than on my skin, and, dipping my daily Japanese incense sticks in a used bottle of 19 ( come on, I’m not that sacrilegious ), once they had dried, and absorbed, the delicate lavender rose Spanish patchouli of that black-laced, widowed classic, when lit, I was delighted by the gentle, powdered, calming and genteel miasma that arose slowly in the air. The incense itself is benign and unobtrusive enough to not interfere with the essential components of the scent, just  softens it….




In our ‘genkan’, or entrance, we have incense sticks dipped like oil slicks in a densely scented broil of raw patchouli essential oil and Annick Goutal’s strangely witchy Mandragore Pourpre. While the black pepper and citrus beginning of the scent on my skin is almost annoyingly fresh and alive, when lost in a skin of liquid patchouli, the anise and heliotrope facets of the perfume  that I like work nicely as semi-hypnotic scent wands that greet me pleasingly when I come home after a hard day’s night. When burnt, the smell is outrageous, the darkest, most sinuous patchouli perfume you can imagine, snaking its way in plumes among the nooks and crannies of the house, lingering fingers of roots and dust and powdered elixirs.




And upstairs, shockingly, I have been burning No 5. My extrait bored me, and I wanted to smell it airborne. Delightful, the soft aldehydic roses and jasmine floating on clouds of ambered smoke:  an outrage, an offering.











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8 responses to “B U R N I N G P E R F U M E

  1. The jury is still out on my Infini parfum de toilette that I decided to transform yesterday. There was an animalic old fashion hush as the o-koh sticks silently absorbed their charge.

    Quite liking it now though.


  2. Cath

    That is so cool. I’d like to try that, I have so much incense and so much perfume. Can you explain the procedure a little bit more svp? Stick the sticks in the perfume (extrait I presume? would it work with EDT or EDP?), let them sit for how long? Then light as usual?

    • Exactly that. Obviously if they get too wet they won’t light: usually I stick them in the juice for a few seconds then turn them upside down to let the top part dry. Extrait is better, but I think it can work with lighter concentrations too.

      Some essential oils don’t work : spices like ginger and cinnamon smell too different when burned : sandalwood on the other hand is DIVINE.

      I just love the profligate Greek and Romanness of it all :::: CONSUMING perfume.

      How is the new Yokohama life by the way?
      I hope to come and survey your insane perfume collection at some point!

      • Cath

        Hahaha, and here I was imagining leaving the sticks in the perfume overnight to really let them absorb the scent. A few seconds, ok, moderation is the key ;)p
        As for my insane collection, I have a whole oshi-ire turned into perfume heaven. I’ll send you a few pics. It’s not ready yet though, I still have 9 boxes to unpack.

  3. Kayse

    DECADENT! This makes me really happy for some reason.

  4. Whaaatttt ??!!
    Something is happening quite strange nowadays. I walked around Matsudo, Kanamachi area for checking new recycle shops to find out hidden treasures,approximately, six hours today. I came home hungry,exhausted with some beauties.
    …… … . ……
    I checked theblacknarcissus.com for the lastest post. Incenses ! A few days ago, I bought another same pair of perfume which I was always looking for it. I had thought that you might give a try to it. It’s name is Immaginal Beyond Forever Edp. I don’t know whether you had have it before or not. Could you please, check out who is the person behind it and how did it become a brand and purpose ??!!
    I will tell the first part story of this perfume later…..I’m a kind of suprised now.
    Luxurious! Go ahead the whole karma is in this way for you now. You are fully supported Mr. ginzaintherain.

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