HYDRANGEAS, those housewifely harbingers of the rainy season..





Like War Of The Worlds, it feels as if the hydrangeas, roots spreading, heads lolling ( some have sprung up in our garden ) have just landed.


Blue everywhere ( we have Japan’s most famous hydrangea temple ten minutes from our house), vivid in the rain, full of the life force ,


Profuse, and beloved; yet I feel they encroach on me: leaden…..eerie








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5 responses to “HYDRANGEAS, those housewifely harbingers of the rainy season..

  1. Robin

    A little blue hydrangea goes a long way, agreed.

    I do kind of like the pink green ones, especially in a vase. They’re a little easier to take.

    I would like hydrangeas in general better if they had some kind of scent. They’re so damn BIG visually but pointless olfactorily.

  2. My current favorite hydrangea is “Sumida No Hanabi”, which has more delicate flowerheads: https://www.gardenia.net/plant/hydrangea-macrophylla-Sumida-No-Hanabi. But I’m with Robin, I wish they had some fragrance.

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