fake vs real

going to bed with a head full of sand


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12 responses to “fake vs real

  1. Robin Razzell

    The eyes, those eyes!

  2. Julia

    I dreamt a tiger (a GIANT Siberian tiger) was trying to get into the living room through the patio (please pronounce like ‘ratio’) doors. I pushed it back with my head??! Did any of your nightmares feature large carnivores..?

    • Not that I recall – but you and I share a history of wild and vivid dreams. In my case EVERY NIGHT ALL NIGHT.

      Never quite to the extent of your alien one though…( which I feel might actually have been something real …)

      • Julia

        I’m pretty sure it was real. Your vivid imagination isn’t doing you any favours!

      • What do you mean? It can be harrowing being like this, but

      • Julia

        I know – I only say it with reference to terrifying nightmares that can ruin your day. I would actually hate it any other way. Like the brain not being fully operational/alive…or something.

      • YES.

        For us it is completely normal, and the more I ask others about their dream experiences (the general answer here being ‘I hardly ever dream’ or ‘I don’t dream’) I truly pity the barrenness of such an existence! I feel I have many lives: the dream life, the personal life, the work life, and the artist life; waking up after a shocking nightmare, as you know (though the majority of mine are just phantasmagorically wild and amazing) is incredible; bathed in sweat, truly shaken – but I adore how the morning slowly bleeds into your brain, ‘reality’ takes over after the first coffee, and then a kind of sturdiness occurs. This morning I woke up having dreamt that because I had slammed some door or other shut in anger, I had damaged the hand of our landlord, Mr Mitomi, who had then taken me to court – and I was forced to have a really annoying British lawyer who insisted on playing horrendous music on the radio even though he was supposed to be looking at my legal defence (Mr Mitomi cheerfully drove me to the lawyer’s office). My mother asked the solicitor to turn off the radio, and then suddenly it switched to an incredible scene in which she started playing saxophone (HILARIOUS, I was recording it on my phone), then went into a full Judy Garland number (we watched the Renee Zellweger Oscar vehicle last weekend – it must have been that) which was touching and awesome. Then when I played back the video I had taken it instead showed me walking along, my eyes sometimes flashing white like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video and then the cat walked in and woke me up. I am still doused in the feelings from the dream a couple of hours later as I write this!

      • Julia

        My favourite type of dream, throwing everything at you at once! You PERFECTLY describe the feeling of literally reeling & buzzing for hours after waking – sometimes it feels as though I have been rescued from a near death experience or I’m sensing the first signs of recovery after a horrible illness. Completely real, exhilarating and emotionally draining. It sounds so dramatic and self-indulgent but that IS how it feels. For the first few minutes after waking I see strange swirling smoke spiralling up from every electronic device in the room, accompanied by loud rhythmic grandfather clock noises, or snare drums and a very strong metallic taste in my mouth. It’s way more extreme after a nightmare. I can’t remember a time when that didn’t happen & I’m told it is down to my narcolepsy – vivid visual & auditory hallucinations…etc. It sounds as if you experience something similar, in intensity at least. I love the image of your mum as a Judy Garland tribute act (not that much of a leap actually) and you with Michael Jackson Thriller eyes…!! 😀

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