In Japan it is deemed auspicious to dream of Mt Fuji at New Year. I dreamed of the virus all night long on the 31st, but woke up to a beautiful clear, sunny, vibrant day, feeling I was awakening to a new start.

It turns out in any case that as few people get a proper night’s sleep on New Year’s Eve, in Japanese folklore, the dreams you have on the night of the 1st of January actually foretell your luck for the year , particularly if they feature Japan’s sacred mountain, a hawk, or an eggplant ( the noun ‘nasu’ also a verb meaning to strive for success). I had no aubergine-drenched reveries myself (‘She Dreamed Of Moussaka’) but I did have a very pleasurable dream about us having a beautiful house in Bangkok made of stone with a courtyard of tropical trees.

Like many people in the neighbourhood, we went out for a walk in the morning to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Most go to a shrine to perform the ritual of ‘hatsumode’, but this year we didn’t fancy the crowds.

Instead, we walked ten minutes from our house to the viewing platform over Kamakura. The colour of the sky suggested we would be able to see the elusive Mt Fuji – invisible most of the time – and we were not disappointed. It was nice seeing families and couples who had climbed up from the other direction to admire the view. The air was wonderfully clear and fresh.

A very Happy 2021 to you.


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11 responses to “I DREAM OF MOUNT FUJI

  1. OMG what gorgeous photos! Happy New Year to you and D!

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    Happy New Year! With a stress on “happy” and to all of us on this planet!
    What an auspicious start to the new year — an untarnished view on Mount Fuji! Lucky you, and lot’s more luck for 2021!!

  3. Robin

    Talk about an iconic image. I loved this post. Happy New Year to your family and to Duncan’s.

  4. Spectacular views! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Such wonderful photos!!! Those are some gorgeous photos of Fuji-San. II would feel hopeful waking up to such an absolutely gorgeous day in Japan as well.
    Wishing you and D all the best in this sparkling new year.

    • I do hope it is sparkling, and that you will finally be able to go outside! xx

      • I will go out eventually, once it is safer, but in all honesty, I am doing fine in the house. I guess having my husband here all the time makes a huge difference. The one thing we both miss though is sushi. As soon as we are safely able to, we shall dine on sushi.

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