It’s only a fashion show. But given that the designer for Balenciaga, Demna, went through a very similar experience to the millions of refugees now desperately freeing for their lives, being expelled from Georgia as a traumatized young person and finding himself lost and anchored, I thought this bleak and beautiful presentation from Paris Fashion Week the other day had a moving beauty and power.

It all counts.


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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this.
    On the one hand, it is interesting when fashion references world events. On the other hand, it sort of romanticizes the plight of refugees trudging through the cold. Maybe the snow symbolizes the return of the Cold War also? The black and yellow hazard tape ensemble is a bit much.
    Anyway, I lived in Berlin in November 1989 when the wall came down. That was a par-tayyyy! The silhouettes presented in that Balenciaga show are very reminiscent of the styles of that time (late 80s), recall the Perestroika inspired fashion featuring old Soviet logos and military gear that became in vogue for a few years?

    • Yes – and I agree that this could definitely be seen as exploitative, given that they are after all doing this for a profit.

      At the same time, the designer has his wartime refugee bona fides, and for me there is something starkly tragic about the setting and the backdrop : yes, it aestheticizes the cold plight, but also encapsulates something – plus it’s like a direct remonstration with Russia, but done in the realm of art.

      Berlin at that time must have been completely amazing.

  2. It is a very interesting video and the beautiful music is as austere as the fashion show.

  3. Very emotional and moving, especially the music. Yet the fact remains, people will pay copious amounts of money for these clothes and that money woould be better spent helping the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Still, if it maybe gives the ultra-rich a moment of pause and the open their purses to give aid, then maybe that would be a positive outcome.

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