I went to my treasure den today and repaired to a convenience store to drink rooibos and calm the heart.

Planning to buy something else, I then saw an as yet unnoticed 15ml, boxed parfum of the extravagantly understated beauty that is Farouche by Nina Ricci.

The sticker on the outer cellophane states that it had never been opened ; carefully opening the top envelope of gilded paper, within there seemed to be a heartstopping red velvet box.

This is a scent I only have very low reserves of as I wore a lot last year; it suited the pre ‘post-pandemic’s solitude, or days walking around local temples and shrines.

I gave a similarly paper-embalmed vintage Ricci – in pale lemon yellow : L’Air Du Temps – to my aunt, 85, who has worn that perfume for years ( alternating with Diorissimo). She is frailer now – still elegant – perhaps why she was so thrilled to receive something this delicate. Like me, though I wanted to know how it smelled at this summer’s party at my parents’ house, she wanted to keep it as it was. Too pristine to tear open.


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  1. I used to love that perfume but haven’t smelled it in years. God bless your aunt!

    • Thanks – she is quite a character : and those two scents suit her to perfection.

      Farouche is so……. untouchable : I love it

    • The Patous, Chanels, Guerlains always had outer boxes you could slip the inner one into ; gorgeous though this paper is, it is very impractical to remove the box from it and keep it intact.

      Are you really just meant to tear it open like a Christmas Present ? That strikes me as so decadent

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    I feel like a spoiled aristocratic lady waking up with a perfect gem of Black Narcissus extrait de parfum on a silver tray.
    And Farouche, one of my
    Dream scents!
    Merci Monsieur Ginza

    • Isn’t it gorgeous ? How do you feel when you put it on ?

      • Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

        It is still part of my perfume dreams. Do you recommend it? I looked in Fragrantica for the notes: I love cardamom, sandelwood and nearly all the flowers and mandarin and citrus. They recommended Perfume over Eau de Toilette.
        You introduced me to the Caron way and I never regretted that.
        Guerlain (vintage) has been and will always be one of my favourites.
        So I can only answer your question after purchasing it.
        I considered answering from my imagination but I am too curious like the fox who is my totem animal.

      • First impressions of this one tend to be muted; disappointing. The classic Riccis were always super-pretty floral aldehydes; this is no exception, but there is something dusty, removed – because of the incense-like elements, that make it very different from Caleche and Capricci and the like – this one settles into something moody : definitely the parfum for contemplative Autumnal days – just don’t expect an overt wow factor – though I think one person, might even have been Michael Edwards, has Farouche is the best perfume ever made

  3. I am so enjoying your forays into your new secret treasure trove!! Vicarious perfume thrills, plus knowledgeable commentary.

    • Thankee, Madame.

      Still feeling a bit guilty about the selfishness ( and I have definitely exaggerated the plenitude – I will have hoovered everything I need within six months ) but yes : for a perfume person, insanely exciting

  4. I’m also very happy that you winkled open the beautiful paper wrapping.

    • That, obviously, would have been Duncan.

      I am absurdly ham-fisted and had to wait impatiently for his return.

      Did Ricci really expect us to just rip it off ? I am genuinely fascinated by this topic

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        What do the Japanese do? Don‘t they give intricately and luxuriously packaged presents? If you receive such a gift what is one expected to do. Unwrap it and marvel; or tuck it away with murmers of deepest gratitude? If one is supposed to look at the present one got then surely you cannot just jank off the lovely paper wrapping?

      • Good work, Duncan! You’re right — what was the expectation? I do think they did the lovely wrapping themselves as perfumes like that were probably often bought as gifts, by a man. And the great perfume houses were NOT going to tolerate substandard wrapping on their gorgeous luxe products. But did they expect the recipient to rip and toss? It’s a mystery.

      • I might cover a notebook with it and take it to school.

  5. matty1649

    It would be a sin to rip off that gorgeous wrapping

  6. OnWingsofSaffron

    By the way, isn‘t the flacon lovely too?

  7. That is a fabulous bottle!! You know Farouche is one of my all time favorites, so I am beyond thrilled for you. Oh, to find one in such pristine condition is amazing.
    Your sweet aunt really should open up the glorious L’Air du Temps and enjoy it. I’m sure it would smell heavenly and the bottle gorgeous.
    When I purchased my Fille d’Eve in the 90s, it came wrapped that exact same way. I still have the paper saved somewhere. Believe it or not, they were still wrapping them like that into the 90s.

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