Well that was quick.

The 45 day prime minister, Liz Truss, has resigned.

While I don’t doubt that a great deal of burn-the-witch sexism lies at the base of the gleeful levels of derision, vitriol and scorn being levelled left right and centre at this very clearly incompetent politician floundering in an extraordinarily difficult job position ; and I do genuinely, at the human level, feel a bit sorry for someone who has spent a life clawing their way up to the top through sheer cut throat ambition, just like Boris; yet is now no more than an embarrassing footnote in British history, a humiliating butt of the joke that she will probably have to spend the rest of her life living down ( it really has been totally shambolic) : despite this small modicum of sympathy I have for her mortifying series of failures and rapid exit at the personal level, she is a stupid cow.

At the heart of people like this – if she even has one – is a complete lack of empathy for the ordinary person. She couldn’t really give a shit if old people are dying in their homes of hyperthermia because they can’t afford the heating, or if kids in the north, are malnourished and heading for a cruelly deprived life of crime and real poverty ; the main priority being- of course !- to give more money to the rich in tax cuts that would eventually, hypothetically, bloat their bank accounts sufficiently to trickle down to the needy and impoverished, like dribbles of slow, dark urine through the urethra, from a benign prostatic hyperplasia suffer’s malfunctioning bladder.

Piss Off Liz !

I am no economist. But the ill-thought out, disastrously impetuous ‘budget’ that escalated Truss and Kwarteng’s dizzying helter skelter into the latrines of yesterday, was so obviously wrong – not just morally, but fiscally: zombie Reaganomics to stimulate ‘growth’, cutting off revenue when it was vital to pay for a mass spending spree to sustain a nation, that you had to wonder if, despite her dreary snapdragon demeanour, this prime minister was actually off her rocker —- totally out of touch with immediate reality.

God knows which spitting image puppet will next be in charge. But I do hope it will be someone with not only experience and common sense (dream on, Neil!). but also a wide-scope vision of society at large, not just for the lords, whips, magnates and CEOs supping on Glenmorangie in their hunting galleries, but for hardworking ordinary people trying to make a living, not just eking out a miserable existence in a world of endless exploitation with no forseeable hope for the future. A politician who is in it for the people, not just themselves. A leader. Someone decent. Who thinks of the country as a whole.

For while detailed knowledge of policy, media savvy, sharp geopolitical awareness, and control of the coffers are obviously vital attributes for a prime minister to survive (it really is an unenviable job);; an eye on the polls (9%!) and the vultures in parliament constantly bloodthirsting after your position and power essential; the state as a plaything of sixty million souls with which to play and recklessly try out ‘new ideas’, no matter the cruel havoc you may wreak; the most important attribute a leader of a country should have, ultimately surely — is just a conscience.


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20 responses to “SAYONARA, MRS TRUSS

  1. OnWingsofSaffron

    And now please, as the UK is a democracy, general elections!
    Your urethral metaphor is spot-on!

  2. Joan Gillies

    Cow indeed!

  3. matty1649

    Very well said Neil

  4. Julia Burke

    Thank you for actually making the point that she is actually just a bit stupid. She really is a bit stupid, which is why the people who put her there should be just as embarrassed as she (possibly) is.

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    • And I have it on good authority, from a governmental insider (yes really!) that she was always coming up with ludicrous suggestions and was considered, even by other Tories in office, to be an insane dimwit long before this very public demonstration.

      And the urinous metaphor is the best ever description of ‘trickle down economics’! FANTASTICALLY repulsive

  5. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    3 PM’s!
    I fear Britain has been turned into a banana monarchy.
    It is not much better here.
    Give us hope Johanna! Till the morning comes.

  6. What a circus she was! I sometimes sit here and wonder if the US and the UK are in competition to see which can destroy their country first. It would be almost comical if it wasn’t affecting so many millions of poor souls who are just trying to get by.

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