D has woken up in one of his manic ferocious cleaning modes : as I lie supine, reading almost every page of the New York Times, he flies through the house like a witch on a broomstick, accidentally knocking off a rare ‘extrait de fraise’ strawberry perfume extract from the shelf of the ‘discobloodbath’ toilet and then, being barefoot, traipsing the sploshed out parfum around the entire house

Good lord it smells sweet.

I came downstairs and my brain was instantly remixed from a grey miserable Thursday morning to a lobotomizing sugar rush of grape bubblegum and strawberry cough syrup : strangely addicting and oddly cheering ( I had almost forgotten about this rarity, just left on a shelf, but now I never will ; one of those NOW SMELL THIS dinner party post prandial afterthoughts to make your guests gag ( repulsive; unwearable, yet strangely marvellous )

Anyway, thanks D : it was quite a fun start to the day

🍓 🍓. 🍓. 🍓


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  1. Thanks for the laughs on this dismal Wednesday. I hope you salvaged your vintage strawberry perfume.

  2. Is this what they call a happy accident? Maybe next you’ll discover which perfumes go surprisingly well with strawberry…

  3. I had that feeling because I did already own Divine Perversion which I wasn’t that fond of. I also prefer her regular line, because it is unique to her, has her DNA , great names and very long lasting. To me, that is what she does best and her perfumes are unique.

  4. Oh goodness! I guess it is nice, having the house smell like a treat for dessert.

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