Jasmine sambac is my go to happy note when the sun is bright and the mood is clear. A big fan of the sambac/tuberose combination found in Heeley’s Jasmine OD (Bubblegum Chic) and Dolce & Gabbana’s Velvet Desire, I was happy to rediscover A Fuego Lento (‘slow burn’) again recently from Argentinian brand Frassaï. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores Roux (Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, Arquiste Flor Y Canto) is a master of this genre of contemporary white floral : tight, fresh and clean (despite the listed notes of civet, suede, and tolu balsam – indoles tamed but present, civilized, the flowers still genuinely romantic), and this is something I will definitely be reaching for in the coming late spring and early summer months.

A gorgeous sambac is the headliner in A Fuego Lento, made a little tarter with some blackcurrant up top and greener with a touch of flouve odorante, or sweet vernal grass, and a more bodied orange blossom, for anchoring, in the heart. Although there is nothing complicated to write about here – I don’t think this perfume is exquisite, as such, never straying any further than its own natural, dreamily gentle comfort zone – but for me, that is precisely why it is lovely. It is just what it is meant to be. Easy and light. Sensual. A simple, well made sambac jasmine/white floral melange with a comforting, sillage that floats close to the body : pretty much the perfect daytime floral.


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  1. Beautiful photos as usual. The scent sounds very nice.

  2. Sometimes, all we need is a basic sambac jasmine, white floral to just lift our mood. I love them at this time of year. I’ll be reaching for them all.

    • give me some more sambacs por favor

      • One of my favorites right now is Lancôme Jasmins Marzipane. It is gorgeous! I’ll come up with some more readily available ones I like and let you know.

      • Oo – I haven’t tried that one. How did you come across it?

        I am sold just by the name.

      • I found it when Lancôme did a release of a group of fragrances about 6 years ago. There were a few good ones in the bunch, but the jasmin stood out.

      • Seeing a picture of the bottle I had a flashback to Dubai airport a few years ago when these came out. I think I had a brief sniff but didn’t have enough money available at that point to be able to buy it (I had just bought D + G’s Velvet Desire which is also gorgeous).

        All praise jasmine sambac!

      • Jasmine Sambac is gorgeous. If in perusing your second-hand shops, you ever come across a Le Galion Jasmin, buy it immediately. It’s a grand old-fashioned, really well-made jasmine.

      • YES – I had it once and think I reviewed it on here. Divine. Love it. But then I found another one, and it had gone mothbally – horrifically indolic (but still kind of fascinating).

        On flamboyant days I used to wear it with the original Gianfranco Ferre – now there’s a sweet musky jasmine for you along with the first Carolina Herrera. I quite like that style sometimes.

      • I will have to look for your review. I might have even commented on it? I used to love Gianfranco Ferre!!! I need to hunt down a vintage bottle on ebay. Carolina Herrera was lovely as well.
        Ah, the good old days.

      • Good that there are current dusky float sweet jasmines that we can enjoy as well though!

  3. Robin

    Sounds really, really nice. I almost invariably like my jasmines adulterated, played around with. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and this sounds fresh and playful.

    A sales rep in the fragrance department at my local drugstore had on a great deal of Guerlain AA Jasminora when it was newly released, and it made me want to dance down the aisle. Just a joyous little scent. I should have bought some then. Some AAs hang around for years and years and are completely mediocre; just my luck that that limited edition disappeared in a blink. I wonder if A Fuego Lento would give me that same feeling?

    I’m so glad Hawaii was such a success. Just catching up now with your posts.

  4. Jasmine Sambac is my happy scent, it’s all things balmy, breezy, blissful, and carefree. I prefer it unaccompanied and unadorned.
    I shall have to try A Fuego Lento, sounds lovely!

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