A white glove. White coat… tumblr_ndoye5us3s1rpqdi8o1_1280 Madame Rochas, a beautiful scent in pristine vintage extrait, is comparable to other perfumes of similar classical vein: the woods, the flowers, the musks, and the shimmering aldehydes, but refines the formula; gleans it to a superior level of sensual, cold remove. This scent has a marble translucence; a dimension of light not quite seen in any other scent of this genre, lending the perfume a very refined, calm dignity. With genius, Guy Robert, author of the later Calèche (fresher, greener, perhaps more androgynous), fuses a long and complex list of rose-touched ingredients; sweet, tight bound, into a glass-like, scented, impenetrable fuselage. The effect : glinting, as the perfume glacially begins to unfurl on the body, is startling. 20040301_2195 A drop of the the parfum is applied to the skin. Silence. She is wondering where she is. Then, from a cool, imperturbable, smoothness, sing out, gradually, individual flowers: rose, jasmine, muguet, and at the forefront a very prominent dose of ylang ylang; a poised and lady-like accord that then graduates, gently, to a tender, yet very sensual, soft and woody finish left tactfully, discreetly in the air of the closed room behind her. il_570xN.454036823_edea


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8 responses to “MADAME ROCHAS ( 1960 )

  1. Bonjour M. Ginz
    How do you find The exact words to produce The exact images of Scent? As I put on Madame for the first time she gave me that same sensation! She brings me an aloof quietly reflectieve mood. I long for Catherine Deneuve, Anouk Aimee and …. Vogue when Vogue was Vogue. Strange when I come to think that I and those of my age wanted to put all those bourgeois comforts upside down …in The name of liberation. Always distrust principles. They can become a boomerang in your OWN face.
    I am sad when I hear of The old city of Nimrud blasted away …
    Madame brings me tough pristine (le mot juste) backbone: élégance above Barbary ! Vive la liberte!

  2. Have you ever seen The film La Chamade with Deneuve and Piccoli? They are an illustration of the dilemma above. I saw an episode on YouTube, by chance. And it brought it all back to me.
    Chamade, The drumbeat of retreat and The hartbeat of men And women.

  3. You have captured the spirit of a completely intemporel parfum. It is of this world, yet it is on a completely different sphere of existence.
    This is a scent that feels, at first, as if it were saying “look but do not touch.” but then it welcomes you with open arms.
    Truly a masterpiece and one I always relish wearing; I actually will put some on now, it has been a while.

    • I still have some vintage extrait: has to be non-spray with this one I find: I quite often come across cheap vintage atomiseurs but never buy them as I know that they will have deteriorated. Has to be shadowed in its box untouched..

      What is it, do you think about this scent? It has all the hallmarks of the Chanel No 5 type and yet is totally different. I think Guy Robert was an utter genius. I like Caleche better myself, but both of these are akin to timeless Greek sculpture.

      • I agree, the propellant they used does not age well. This HAS to be a dab on bottle, the only way to purchase it. Seems Rochas, Molyneux and Nina Ricci vintage aerosols deteriorate horribly, not so much with Dior or Chanel, has to be the propellant.
        I think the magic behind this scent is the audacious use of ylang-ylang, and the delicate touch of aldehydes. It has a much sweeter, rounder and somewhat more embracing aura to it. But then again, vintage No 5 is far different than what we have now. Yet, I find Madame Rochas to be much more intriguing, more of an experience.
        Guy Robert was most surely a genius and yes Caleche is a magnificent scent. I find his creations to have a truly timeless quality to them, they do not show their age and they mingle well wherever one might be. I think that is what is so sorely lacking in scents these days, they are without that timeless quality. Then again, this is why so many of his creations are still worn regularly these days and so many others have long since disappeared.

  4. On the last line, I was implying so many other scents, from that era, by other noses have ceased to exist.

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