Muguet de Bonheur (Caron)


Despite all the praise (justifiably) heaped on Diorissimo, it is probably one of the last perfumes on earth I would wear myself. It is often said, among the perfume cognoscenti, that men can wear almost anything except tuberose. Wrong: I carry off that flower with aplomb. But I would never wear a muguet – unless it were Caron’s lovely Muguet de Bonheur. Though many fragrance lovers don’t rate it as highly as others of the type (this is not a straight rendition of the flowers, and probably why I like it more), this creamy, savon muguet, with its light strokes of lilac and rose, is a polished escape, light as breeze.

Fantastic on warm spring days by the sea (along the promenade, in Yokohama’s Yamashita park).

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  1. nocturnes

    Where have you disappeared to?

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