MARSHMALLOW GIT: Divin Enfant by Etat Libre d’Orange (2006)













The infant-baiting song ‘His majesty the baby’, by Scottish singer Momus, has a protagonist who ‘swallows breasts as big as mountains’ and commands the attention of a cooing clan of women, much to the singer’s disgust and jealousy. The ‘bald and dribbling little git’ has his audience rapt and can do no wrong.


This is also, incidentally,  the theme of Etat Libre d’Orange’s ‘Divin Enfant’: the story of a baby, a ‘polymorphic pervert’, who smells so beautiful and sweet that he can pull the cotton wool over your doting eyes and behave like the devil.


Or so they’d have you believe


(“ …..leather and cold tobacco, a shrilling symbol of our sleepless nights….” )




In fact, this is probably the softest, cutest and easiest to wear of all orange blossoms. The threatened leather (‘the faked innocence of a demon’) barely materializes; except as a duvet, over which the orange blossom, (rounded, tamed, baby-friendly) reigns.























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16 responses to “MARSHMALLOW GIT: Divin Enfant by Etat Libre d’Orange (2006)

  1. Hahahahahahaha! I am laughing so much at this review! Sublime. I love that freaky marshmallow baby pic and just want to gobble up those cute sugar rabbits (are they jelly sweets?)!!! Must try this one.

  2. Oh, I’ve just looked more closely at the rabbits – realised they’re cloth! Cute! x

  3. brie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE orange blossom (it screams ” SPRING!!!”,my favorite season, to me) but it can be quite a potent note…is this fragrance truly as soft and marshmallowey as you have described? I will have to seek it out

  4. Dearest Ginza
    The Dandy does so dislike it when promised leather does not appear – I’m sorry this could sound rather odd taken out of context – but have something of a fetish for it and find increaingly that it is listed in notes but scarcely to be found within.
    Having smelt this, even as an orange blossom I thought it was a pre teething babe and could have done with a lot more bite.
    Hey ho, it sounds like a nice combo so maybe someone will crack it!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • But you know, it is kind of lovely in a way, this little git, quite comforting, if a bit too pudgy and goo goo ga ga. I didn’t really the little bab to be strapped up in leather harnesses, I prefer him in his downy blankets.

      As for leather, which ones do you like? I love it in small doses in the base (Givenchy Gentleman, No 19), but can’t take the full on stinkin’ hides of perfumes like Parfums D’Empire Cuir whatever it is called.
      Scalped cows, drying in the sun; el yucko.

      • Dearest Ginza
        It seems we are at opposite ends of the spectrum here.
        Downy blankets I can take now and again, but my appetite for leathers is insatiable.
        Yes Gvenchy Gentleman and Jolie Madam where the note plays second fiddle but equally the monsters Cuir de Russie and Lancome’s Cuir and the chypres Azuree and Cabochard.
        Oh yes, the smell of scalped cows dying and then drying in the sun would be almost unbearable (I’ve been to the tanneries of Fez an Marrakech and my dear god they stink) but ‘leather’ smells of all the things we use to hide the hideous odour of the hides.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  5. Lilybelle

    That one made me smile. There was a movie called MIchael in which John Travolta played an angel (Michael!) come down to earth, and women found his scent irresistibly sweet. I have love fluffy, marshmallowy, orange blossom fragrances. By Kilian’s Love is my favorite (and I love Sweet Redemption, too). I was just thinking, reading the above, that a touch of leather in something like that might make me feel queasy, but on the other hand a touch of leather is might be just the right touch of bitter anti-sweetness. I can’t do leather too early in the morning, however. I tried a perfume by Parfumerie Generale called Psychotrope one morning before breakfast and made that discovery! We learn the hard way. 🙂

    • Lilybelle

      Sorry for the typos.^^^

    • I know exactly what you mean about dodgy perfumes at breakfast time.

      Duncan almost threw up once upon smelling Etat Libre’s FOUL ‘Rien’, and I once literally heaved and retched upon sniffing Yves Saint Laurent’s original Pour Homme: civet and mouldy old lemons were not what I needed at that particular juncture.

      By Love is absolutely gorgeous, and I have an interesting take on that perfume planned when I get the mental space to sit down and write it. We need these fluffy feel good numbers, and while Divin Enfant is no masterpiece, it actually is a really cute orange blossom. I would probably choose Penhaligons’ Castile over it though, as that is the most clean, gauzy orange blossom I know.

  6. Lilybelle

    I should sample Penhaligon’s Castile. I would probably like it.

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