The heart, piercing



I have just smelled the first winter narcissi, walking up the hill


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8 responses to “The heart, piercing

  1. tonkabeany

    There is nothing like it is there? I bought six gorgeous little bunches last weekend, In the cold weather…so perfect…I can’t inhale them deeply enough. Other than Je Reviens, where else could I be directed to find the best rendering in perfume form do you think?

  2. I have just been watching the new green shoots of my Christmas narcissus from last year re-emerging. Funnily enough Tonkabeany, I’ve been wearing Je Reviens today!! Narcissus is definitely its most defining element. Gorgeous isn’t it? Adore it, but it takes me on a complicated journey everytime I wear it – definitely a full moon perfume. As for Narcissus – am I right in thinking Guerlain’s L’heure bleu has narcissus in? (or am i thinking of its iris….).

  3. penseedautomne


  4. ginzaintherain

    We are a bunch of ridiculous romantics, surely, but thank god for that. What else is there?

  5. This is what matters. And it’s beautiful.

  6. alabasterwrists

    I have found that individuals who truly appreciate fragrance have a greater propensity to resonate with the profound beauty that exists in nature. And that comment above….” we are a bunch of ridiculous romantics” makes you just that much more adorable in my eyes 🙂 ! Spent my whole lunch reading and now it is time for me to get back to work!!

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