Currently I am in total hibernation, cocooned inside with Duncan watching films and dramas (yesterday we watched Downton Abbey for twelve hours- it was utter bliss, but my own brain and words have been wiped out….all night I heard the theme song in my head, mourning the loss of Lady Sybil in my subconscious) 

This morning I watched Jackie Brown, in my view Tarantino’s best film, and we are now going to watch it again with copious beers after dinner ( I spent the afternoon planning the next concert with Yoko (” A kiss in the dream house”, eating gold-leaf chocolate cake given us by my piano teacher, and we played and worked on the order of pieces for three hours…..)

… It is heaven to be released from the regular schedule, to go to bed whenever you want; sometimes at 9.45, the next evening at 3.30am….sometimes to leap out of bed at 5.30am and start practicing the piano then go and watch Mt Fuji covered in pristine snow from the Hansobo temple viewing platform….other days to sleep in until midday as the cold rain pounds the roof and you thank heavens for how lucky you are, tucked up warm inside being seduced by Visconti…..

My brain is mush: I smell of the usual orientalia…this morning I bathed in emu oil macerated with ylang ylang..


but I am waiting for the post desperately, as a belated Christmas present from sister is on its way…either Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille or Tonka Imperiale, an exquisite torture not knowing which.. Maybe then I will be able to write again. But right now my brain is Bailey’s drenched cotton wool and there is no chance.

I hope you will bear with me….back soon!!


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15 responses to “COCOON

  1. Sounds utterly blissful. Cocoon time is good for the soul and heart. I am too about to hibernate for a time. Enjoy enjoy, be merrily at peace with your loves. See you when I see you xxx

  2. ginzaintherain

    Indeed. And enjoy your own time inside. It feels sinful, but essential to me right now.

  3. I can sympathize! I have felt a little unmoored and responsibility-free since the holidays hit. Sometimes it’s good to be good to yourself!

    In any case, it sounds like you are having a wonderful break. Enjoy it!

    • ginzaintherain

      Thanks, although we are slipping a little too much over into indulgent decadence….I feel a strict flip approaching come January 1st….

  4. alabasterwrists

    Enjoy your hibernation!

  5. Ana

    You’ve just painted with words my idea of Heaven. Sure I’d make slight changes to the list of movies to watch, add some lovemaking,but you’ve pretty much nailed it. I’ve had my own cocoon for three days over Christmas and I haven’t told anyone how delicious it was, because it’s so special and precious that you nearly want to keep it a secret for fear of attracting the wrath of gods for feeling so happy.

    • ginzaintherain

      Ana, there was sex right after the viewing platform but I declined to put it in at that moment (‘sex’ was too direct and ‘lovemaking’ makes me a bit queasy….)!

      What films would you watch? I’d love to know.

      • Ana

        Ha ha I hesitated for ages over choosing lovemaking as the word to use (obviously I had the same dilemma as you). I haven’t watched a half decent movie in ages (I think the last was Black Swan) so I would go for some of my old favorites: Respiro(delightful Italian movie), El Toppo, Les Amants du Pont Neuf(Juliette Binoche is great in it),Head On,Turkish Delight( a great movie directed by Verhoeven before his Basic Instinct Hollywood shit),Old Boy(maybe this one is a bit too violent but it feels like a Greek tragedy to me). There’s many others that I forget right now, but I’ve watched a lot of European and Asian movies and I prefer them to the American ones.

      • ginzaintherain

        You are thrilling me! I adore old Verhoeven, desperately and just got Turkish Delight for my birthday! Black Swan I love so much I can’t even talk about it yet despite having seen it eight times: I still haven’t got to the stage where I can even analyze it – it just KILLS me every time. El Topo is such a favourite we even had a whole PARTY based on it!

        Do you like Pasolini?

      • ginzaintherain

        I saw Spetters by Verhoeven recently and couldn’t believe how amazingly good it was. The cover of the DVD was possibly the ugliest I have ever seen, but I was sobbing by the end it was so beautiful and yet so CHEAP. Ultimately, despite all the films I love (Lynch, Kubrick, Hitchcock), my favourite films are high art trash such as Carrie and Femme Fatale (Brian De Palma is my favourite director), though I can go for sensitive European art cinema as well quite happily, though French cinema is often highly problematic for me….

    • ginzaintherain

      And I know what you mean about the wrath of the gods…..Yet I know that shit is always around the corner in life so I don’t feel guilty, not too much, just live in that cosy moment…

      • Ana

        Shamefully I don’t know who Pasolini is, but our tastes are so amazingly similar that I need to seek him.It’s incredible, nine times out of ten no one knows what i’m talking about when I tell them which my favorite movies are.I’ll ckeck Spetters thanks for the heads up. Yes I’ve watched Black Swan about 4 or 5 times and I still get shivers of cinematic pleasure. Natalie Portman is so good in it,the blossoming of her sexuality and free spirit along with her paranoia and obsession is so brilliant that it makes me even want her.

      • ginzaintherain

        …and the inexorable apotheosis of gorgeousness and headspinning crescendos leading up to that ‘I felt it….I was perfect’ is soul-destructingly thrilling for me every time.

        No one will believe me (though Duncan was there): I actually threw myself on the floor and started semi-hyperventilating the first time I hit that ending, then rushed outside in a claustrophobic panic and sobbed my heart out.

        It is the brilliance of the film (though I didn’t really like Aronofsky’s other work…) but also the fact that my dream as a boy was to do ballet, but couldn’t (see my review of Hermes Rouge for more on that!)

        Thus anything to do with Tchaikovsky and ballet is already raw in the making. But when it was done as well as Black Swan, with all the De Palma, Argento, Polanski trash elements woven into the mix, and Natalie so utterly beautiful and fragile and convincing it all amounts to something so intoxicating I can hardly bear it.

        I realize that the way I express myself here is ten to the max extreme, but this is honestly the way I feel about that film

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