A hint of leather: CUIR OTTOMAN by Parfum D’Empire (2006)+ SPANISH LEATHER by Geo F Trumper (1902)+ ROYAL ENGLISH LEATHER by Creed (1781)




As sensual and smooth as brand new suede, this is a great leather.  The beginning, freshly raw and animalic, might be offputting for some, like just-skinned hides being dried in the sun. But this uninhibited, free introduction is then tamed: with gentle woods, iris, and a proud, clean leather that dries down to a superb, suave, finish.


Antique teddy. Brideshead. Anthony Andrews.

Soft, soapy; gentle. Leather. Hints of sensuality. A touch half-hearted, perhaps, although my friend’s daughter proclaimed, upon smelling it in the shop,  that ‘it does, really, smell exactly like Spain and the air there!’


Diffusive, warm and powdery; a heliotropic, gorgeous, air-filling suede caress. A scent that thoroughly envelops you in elegance yet is totally seductive.

If you like L’Heure Bleue but can’t quite take all the marzipan,  Royal English Leather makes a beautiful, distinctive,  alternative.


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7 responses to “A hint of leather: CUIR OTTOMAN by Parfum D’Empire (2006)+ SPANISH LEATHER by Geo F Trumper (1902)+ ROYAL ENGLISH LEATHER by Creed (1781)

  1. Cath

    I love leather scents. I ordered Cuir Ottoman but it might take a long time to get here. I haven’t heard of Geo F Trumper. I guess it’s not available here in Japan. And I have to go and check out the Creed now and L’heure Bleue. Thank you for these recommendations, and keep them coming please.

  2. ginzaintherain

    I most certainly will! If you like Loulou, you might like L’HB, and the creed is very powdery, but divine

  3. Cath

    Is L’Heure still sold in Japan?

  4. brie

    Like the sound of a less sugary L’Heure…and the date intrigues me (1781?)

    • ginzaintherain

      I don’t believe it for a minute either and yet….it DOES smell so powdery and wig-fluffing that it might be possible. It is a doll. Gorgeous, if my memory serves my right. My friend Claire used to wear it and I would always spray copious amounts of it. My impression: like Imperial Leather Talc + L’Heure Bleue!

  5. It’s the second Cuir Ottoman review I read this week. Something’s probably in the air! (Cuir Ottoman? 🙂 )

    I like CO and in general leather in perfumes but I haven’t tried yet the other two scents you described.

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