A friend of mine put this ridiculous picture of me on Facebook yesterday, a photo taken about 23 years ago I think, and a photo I have absolutely no memory of, but it for sure is me….look at that imperial gaze, fresh from the water….undoubtedly ready for perfume directly



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25 responses to “BORN TO LOVE PERFUME

  1. ginzaintherain

    It is utterly ridiculous, and yet I love it for some reason. The arrogance of youth….

  2. serafinarose

    It’s utterly gorgeous and funny! And just a little Shamanic in a gloriously youthful way.

    • serafinarose

      Compositionally, in terms of light, colour, landscape and the look at you, it’s stunning.

    • ginzaintherain

      I must admit it has bowled me over, for some reason, that picture. It is embarrassing, and yet perfect, because there is NO self consciousness in the picture, either on behalf of the subject or the taker! And I really was fully perfume obsessed by that point, probably polluting whichever Italian lake I was in when I bathed in it.

  3. That is the best photo ever! I wish I had an old photo of me like that. A real treasure and a real friend!

  4. Ana

    Incredible photo, composed like a painting. And you look like a roman emperor!

  5. penseedautomne

    Visconti movie like look and air (or Truffaut? Maybe you don’t like?) Slim ginzaintherain… Simply sensually innocently purely…

  6. brie

    Such a fantastic photograph! Love it! Surely such an individual would be dousing himself in Nocturnes……

    • brie

      Actually, there is something about this photo that reminds me a bit of my favorite painting in the Louvre…Flandrin’s Jeune homme nu assis au bord de la mer…
      although you are standing and not naked….and may I add equally as stunning!

      • ginzaintherain

        Why thank you. The same can not perhaps be said for my current incarnation but the picture does capture something of my essence!

  7. brie

    No are indeed aging gracefully… and I rather like your current photo as well…sitting pensively, hands folded, obviously musing about perfume!

    • ginzaintherain

      Yes. I look at the slim shouldered creature there and see something that is lost but you know how it is…I genuinely wouldn’t want to go back to that earlier version. You look lovely in your upside down picture as well! One cannot remain a teenager forever….

  8. Tara

    Wow, what an amazing photograph. It actually looks like a painting. Your expression and pose is so wistful and glorious. Really made me smile. Thanks for sharing it.

    Oh and you’re still hot!

  9. Lilybelle

    Lol! That is great! Love. 🙂

  10. Rafael

    very Henry Scott Tuke

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