BOOBS………………….Le N° 9 by CADOLLE (1925)












According to Les Senteurs in London (the only place you used to be able to buy this now obscure treat except for the original Belle Epoque lingerie store on the Rue Cambon, Paris), this effortlessly dreamy blend was created, back in the day, as a ‘riposte’ to N° 5  – the founder, Hermione Cadolle,  a less uptight Gabrielle Chanel (her main rival on her street) – dreaming up brassières – she invented the bra – and courting clients such as Mata Hari and Marilyn Monroe for her dusky, silken wares like the fabled soutien gorge. She had to have a perfume for the store, and as N° 5 was all the rage, this was her retort: the woodier, more lissom seductress.


Of all the perfumes I have smelled in my life, this is possibly the most seamless: unlike N° 5, with its very obvious ylang ylang/ rose/ iris/ musk gradations, Le N°9 is so smooth, creamy, soft and melting it is almost impossible to distinguish any of its components. With its lilting, balsamic conclusions of cedarwood, Siamese benzoin and Penang patchouli; its breathy,  equable memory of flowers, the resulting bedroom aldehyde lorelei is luminous, powdery – and impossibly soft and erotic.




















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20 responses to “BOOBS………………….Le N° 9 by CADOLLE (1925)

  1. the resulting bedroom aldehyde lorelei … I’m in raptures

  2. brie

    Am laughing at the title of your post as sadly that is what I am not in possession of in a large amount….the perfume sounds divine, though!

  3. ginzaintherain

    ( I think this perfume gives us ALL boobs, me included )

  4. hahaha you look great with boobs Neil. I adore the bottle design for this, also the box. So art deco and sunny. I must smell this. Developing a bit of a thing for French perfumes. On a Lentheric trip at the mo. Ta for the review x

    • ginzaintherain

      I am glad you admire my ample cleavage and the description of the perfume. It is a lovely thing I would like more of ( a bit hard to find now….) luxuriantly mellow….

  5. Laurels

    That is an attention-grabbing headline. There are probably hundreds of search-engine users becoming very confused right now.

  6. Your post is perfect for a pre-petit-dejeuner. Should be fantastic in my boudoir in my castle in Spain. Flask and parfum.

  7. Sounds like a dream fragrance, albeit an illusive one also. Saw it on eBay once but was too pricey.

    • And to think that until some time ago it was there on the shelf available at the lovely Les Senteurs on London’s Elizabeth Street. Unassuming looking but so lovely smelling.

  8. Robin

    Everything about this is gorgeous.

    But much as “soft” sounds seductive, seems I like my ‘fumes to have some teeth.

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