Guerlain Muguet (2013)





I was in Tokyo again today, the cherry blossom in full bloom, and went to the Ginza Guerlain boutique for a quick peep. There on the counter was the new version of Guerlain’s 1906 Muguet, a limited edition that is only available for one day a year – on May 1st, the day in France when people traditionally give each other sprigs of lily-of-the-valley as a ‘porte bonheur’, or good luck charm.

Though not available yet, there it was as a tantalizer. The fragrance: a gorgeously rounded, very expensive, creamy and more Guerlain-ish version of Diorissimo, all very well and good, but LOOK AT THE LABEL ON THE BOTTLE.

I want to disappear into that muguet embossed paper: the purity, the imprinted delicacy….


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21 responses to “Guerlain Muguet (2013)

  1. brie

    I want to disappear in there with you!!! I adore lily of the valley as flowers…so delicate and alabaster wrists…..

  2. Nancysg

    “Alabaster Wrists”…makes me dream of beauty and spring.

  3. Dear Ginza
    Alabaster fossil flowers.
    Muguet, the willow the wisp of the floral world.
    There, but not, an impression, not them at all.
    And nothing but a perfume that is available for one day a year could sum them up so perfectly.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. How purely lovely. I don’t imagine that this one-day wonder will show up in New Mexico, so what a treat to see it here.

    • I wasn’t expecting it in Tokyo, either. I had to take a picture (even though the ‘high class’ snoots who work there were frowning, to share its delightfulness with everyone).

  5. I hate to burst your bubble (and I do like this perfume and different bottles every year) but Guerlain boutiques keep selling those until they are gone. 2011’s Muguet was still available in February 2012 at the Guerlain Boutique at Palazzo in Las Vegas.

    • Rather than bursting my bubble, the idea of the slovenly mughetto sleazing it up in Vegas til its petals turn brown is equally exciting to me: the faux virgin with her pragmatism firmly intact.

      (Is it all a lie then fair Undina, this May 1st baloney?)

  6. Charlestongirl

    It will be mine!

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