l o v e





It doesn’t feel like it has been this long at all.

June seventeenth: twenty years today. 


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20 responses to “l o v e

  1. penseedautomne

    So cute, touching and beautiful… My warmest wishes to you two for many many more aromatic and romantic years together. In Japan, hopefully. Have a nice evening. Congratulations.

  2. FRIDGE MAGNETS? 🙂 very cute, have a swell day today!

  3. ninakane1

    Well done you two and many congrats. Here’s to many more happy years and loads of love to you both xxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations to you and Duncan! I loved the photo too. Here’s a virtual glass of bubbly with a drop of ylang ylang raised in your honor. To many more!

  5. Congrats to you both, and all best wishes for many, many more happy years.

  6. Congratulations!
    I send you a choral rendition of ‘If this ain’t love?’ sung by a heavenly choir of male Welsh angels.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Filomena Anna

    Congrats to you and Duncan!

  8. Lilybelle

    Twenty years! Happy Anniversary, and many more!

  9. Martha

    Here’s hoping you two enjoy many, many more happy years together.

    • Thanks everyone. I actually feel like a fool for putting this post, though. I think I might delete it.

      • Why do you feel like a fool? You’re celebrating a 20-year anniversary – that’s great going by anyone’s standards (incidentally, you’re the longest-running couple I know!). More of us should celebrate such things. And it’s your blog – everyone likes personal touches to a blog. Do what you must, but you’re not a fool x
        (I am giving down-to-earth advice all over today – it’s my new bottle of Paloma Picasso – wearing this and nothing else and it just conjures Taurean bulls for me – but anyway) x

      • elf

        Please don’t delete it…love is indeed cause for celebration and like perfume, to be shared……

      • I know, but I am slightly repelled by the cosiness of it all, that weird intimacy, shared.

      • ninakane1

        Ah, publish n be damned sweetie! It’s all tomorrow’s fish n microchip paper at the end of the day!

      • A good way of putting it!

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