oh why does there have to be a typhoon, when my plumerias have only just blossomed?


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16 responses to “timing

  1. Oh Blow! What a ‘plumein’ nuisance!

    • The first time in three years, though: I had given up hope of ever smelling that frangipanin’ tastic Hawaiian aroma on my balcony again, and now we are already being pummelled by Typhoon Bethtilda, or whatever this one is called. It has got too big to bring inside, now, so I expect its trunk to be felled and for the flowers to have been blown off.


      We are all inside, cat included, bracing ourselves for the banging. A couple of years ago there was a direct hit and it blew half the tiles off the roof!

  2. Keep safe…you can always grow more flowers.

    • Definitely. I was just so pleased to see them this morning, and was going to take a photo or two for a post….I love tiare/plumeria/frangipani scents, and the aroma from these flowers this morning was especially, exotically creamy….darn it

      Morning classes are already cancelled though so kind of delighted. I adore the whole cosiness of a typhoon.

  3. Renee Stout

    Sorry to hear that, but I have to second what filmena813 said…just be safe.

    • Well my boss did just say a ‘one in ten year typhoon’, so I am glad that I am already at home. The other teachers, needless to say, were still at work by the time I got home and will thus be (needlessly) stranded.

      But I am not going to start ranting again!!

      They are actually really quite exciting, the sheer force of nature, but not with the swirling destructivenss of a cyclone or twister (where you would actually be carried OFF with your plumerias).

      No, hopefully this one will be alright.

  4. tonkabeany

    A question we have all asked ourselves

  5. Rafael

    Wow. Steady on Mary Poppins! Don’t be getting carried off with plumerias or anything else! This could, however, be a great opportunity to post adorable cat fotos.

    • Do I have to?

      We have a troubled relationship……
      Though she, and D, are entwined like special lovers; already asleep upstairs…

    • I had such fantasies as a child about those umbrellas, by the way, the gigantic wish to be able to fly along windblown in the sky, then just land, nonchalant, that I still dream about such things regularly.

      (will still never get over Dick Van Dyke’s accent, though)

      • Rafael

        Although he is fondly remembered for this film, Van Dyke’s attempt at a cockney accent is regarded as one of the worst film accents in history, cited as an example by actors since as something that they wish to avoid. In a 2003 poll by Empire magazine of the worst film accents of all time he came second.[5][6] Van Dyke claims that his accent coach was Irish, who “didn’t do an accent any better than I did”

  6. Lilybelle

    Oh gosh, stay safe, Mr. Ginza! The plumeria will bloom again. 😦

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