and when


and when I added ginger, and yuzu, to the chicken, what rose up from the frying pan was issey miyake pour homme


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19 responses to “and when

  1. Hilarious, love it. Almost a haiku!

  2. Brilliant start to the year Neil.

  3. Cath

    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. That was remarkably laconic and funny! Thank you for making my evening brighter!

  5. Suomy Nona

    hysterical! but I am curious as to the taste of it…….

    • Perfectly normal. Chicken stir fried in soy and garlic and then the yuzu and ginger: somehow though, at the point of hitting the pan, those two notes instantly reminded me of Miyake.

  6. Veritas

    ugh! deleted again! will try one more time…..

    what, pray tell, did it taste like?

  7. LOVE IT! Want to try it! Need to find some yuzu fruit . . .

    • My neighbour gave me a whole bag of them. I have been making namasu, which I adore: grated daikon radish and carrot in vinegar, honey and yuzu. Refreshing and healthy. I thought I would add some yuzu juice in da mix last night just to sprice up the taste a bit. It was OK. how readily available are yuzu where you are in Iceland?

      • That sounds incredible too. Here in Iceland ;-), I can usually find yuzu fruit at the Japanese supermarket, but it’s not really in the greatest condition. You can find yuzu juice, which is not the same. How lucky you are!

  8. Dearest Ginza
    Strange. I’d never thought of it as an animalic before…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • It is true. There is no burning poultry note in Issey to my knowledge but honestly, the precise combining of the fruit and the spice immediately conjured it up. Upon consumption, all thoughts of perfume had already disappeared.

  9. prayerandplay

    You’re a funny fellow, Ginza.

    Have just returned home after a New Year’s sojourn to Basho’s deep and snowy north. Belated seasonal greetings to you and that other funny fellow!

    After two weeks of near seclusion there is catching up to be done, but not before reading back through The Black Narcissus to see what I’ve missed. At a quick glance, I should probably lace this coffee with something stronger than milk, and take the time to sink into ‘the heart of “Black Swan”‘; it looks impressive.

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