” I couldn’t see you……but I could smell you..” (EAU DU SOIR, SISLEY, 1990)

DEFINITELY the perfume for the party..

crisp; ambiguous; fresh……. Just the ticket for a soldier…

The Black Narcissus





I left the house a few minutes before Duncan arrived home last night, but I as I turned the street corner, making my way to start walking the hill down to the station, he suddenly came running after me:





” I couldn’t see you…but I could smell you…..”




he said, my dark trails floating all the way from the house on the air – vintage Eau Du Soir by Sisley – the first time I have worn it.




I don’t know how he exactly knew it was me (duh you weep en masse) : maybe most other people simply just don’t wear these strong, dramatic scents at such high volume; maybe the spiced, mossy, almost angrily ambered pitchblack rose (peppery, clovey, very arrogant, yet eminently tasteful), is simply not something that anyone else in this neighbourhood…

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