SHE:;:;:;: LA TULIPE (2010) + INFLORESCENCE by BYREDO (2013)

The Black Narcissus



It is almost time for the tulips.

Tulips: fierce. Erect, pushing up through soil… Solid.


Like Kenzo’s Flower, which it reminds me of in some ways, ‘La Tulipe’ is an imaginary rendering of a flower that in fact has almost no smell (Kenzo’s was the poppy), a concept that gives free rein to the perfumers to construct whatever they like – in this case a light, laundry musk with watery notions of cyclamen and freesia that couldn’t be a safer bet if it tried: no one at the office is going to start asking you to wear less perfume if you have spritzed yourself, unimaginatively, in the morning, with a touch of this.

Except me that is: the profound conservatism lurking at the heart of this plasticky fleur makes me want to scream….

No, I do not like this perfume one iota, but I do love the flowers…

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