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Lithe; draped in white fur (clean body underneath), Tamango is an insidious, feminine, disco smell; very much of its era (the YSL Rive Gauche 70s), but despite (because of?) its obscurity, lovely.  At the tiny Leonard boutique in Paris a few years ago, which I went into because I adore their orchid-patterned ties, the perfumes seemed relegated to the bargain bins, almost an embarrassment, hopelessly dated there in their crummy old bottles, but I was amazed at how appealing some of them were. With one sniff of Tamango, I  saw Elvira, Michelle Pfeiffer’s beautiful, gazelle-like, coked-out moll in Scarface, dressed up in this as she descends in the lift; back turned to us, for her first appearance in De Palma’s film – the moment when a dazzled Al Pacino knows he must have her (and we can’t keep our eyes off her in that blue satin dress…)


Tamango doesn’t smell…

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8 responses to “ANGEL DUST: TAMANGO / LEONARD (1977)

  1. Tora

    It didn’t take but two seconds to recognize her entrance in Scarface.

  2. I’d forgotten about the full bottle of Tamango perfume tucked away in perfume storage. I vaguely remember the scent. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. empliau

    Thank you for this blast from the past! I had, and loved, Tamango – it came between Chloe and Niki de Saint Phalle, contemporaneous with Anais Anais (I sometimes date myself by what I was wearing, as I tended to have no more than two bottles). Can you say more about the principal notes? Unfortunately I have very little olfactory recall.

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