Two days before my Perfume Lovers London talk on vanilla perfumes, I am now, in my parents’ house upstairs room, positively suffocating on the sweet and oozy stuff in readiness.



Vanilla this, vanilla that: vanilla-pod okey-kokey. 





Mmmm, just the sound of it..


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  1. Lilybelle

    Lol! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. empliau

    Just teach them and you’ll be fine. Teaching is public speaking, often to those who don’t want to be there IME. I wish I could hear you – you’re so eloquent on the subject of vanilla, which I’m enjoying more and more! Although, sadly, Mona di Orio’s Vanilla (on a strip) didn’t move me. Perhaps I’m vanilla-impaired – I like it in so many fragrances, but as a supporting player, not yet above the title …

    • I respect, rather than love, the Mona Di Orio. I got my mother to wear it for me (as I hate sandalwood so much, and I think of this ultimately as a sandalwood perfume) and realised though just how elegant and finely made a scent it is. Very poignant and deep, somehow.

      I am a cheapster. I like ice cream vodka vanilla classics like the cheapo Molinard Vanille. I like it V A N N I-lluHHH

  3. Tora

    Good luck, Neil! I am sure your ‘vanilla talk’ will be wonderful. I would LOVE to be in the audience!!

  4. Good luck, Neil! Wish that I could be there! Looking forward to seeing what is in the line up. And I hope that my package makes it to you in time! Do let me know when it arrives!

  5. Martha

    Best wishes on the talk, Neil. I am on the other end of the vanilla spectrum, I guess. MdO Vanille is delightful to me and *gasp* Indult Tihota is only so-so to my nose. I really, really wanted to love the Tihota since other perfumistas that I admire are crazy about it. It has a cult following which is always sure to interest me right off the bat, but… I think that vanilla that has a cupcake aroma is what puts me off. I can’t account for that because what is there not to love about a cupcake?

    • I think I am just some kind of vanilla imbecile. I like it sweet, straight, uninhibited, but have definitely enjoyed exploring the various possibilities that the non-cupcake vanilla does offer.

  6. I’m so looking forward to meet and hear you, Neil. Like empliau said, we’re just a bunch of pupils, you will be fine.

  7. Tara

    Can’t wait for your talk Thurs night Neil. Looking to meeting you with Birgit and hopefully finding my perfect vanilla.

    Please don’t be at all worried about it. It’s a lively crowd so if anything Lila ends up shushing us to keep quiet! It’s more of a guided sniff than a lecture-type thing and lots of opinions offered. A really nice and friendly group so I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy yourself despite any nerves beforehand. We’re an enthusiastic bunch!

    • So should I inject heroin beforehand or not? I’m still mulling it over.

      • No, no, NO! It will be fine I absolutely promise. You’re bound to feel gittery to start but once the first scent strips are passed round you’ll relax. It’s a fact that when you are really engaged in something, it is almost impossible to feel anxious (hey, my therapist tells me so) and it seems to me that no other topic gets you as engaged as vanilla!

  8. katherinec

    Wish I was going! X

  9. Beds of luck sweety, you will do wonderfully. While speaking of Vanille, try to remind folks of Shalimar; a real tip off point for Vanille. Cheers!

  10. *best of luck! Damned auto-correct. Guess ” beds of luck” could be nice also 😉

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