La Danza Delle Libellule (‘The Dance Of The Dragonflies’) is a strawberry vanilla whimsy, rich in its base à la Kenzo L’Eléphant: fruity, ambrosial, reminiscent, vaguely of quality, peachy bath bubbles – the kind of luminous, splashabout spheres that ensure you will forget your troubles once your get in, conscious that when you emerge, slippery, from the bath tub, towelling yourself down with your fluffiest, you will slip into those childhood-like, thick cotton jim-jams: sleep, nectarous, sweet-scented, as a baby.




Though the softly sugared, fragola-confectionery zap of the opening accord (apple, cinnamon, bergamot, light florals) might possibly have many reaching frenziedly for their sickbags (this is sweeeeeeeeet), the innocent, ambered funbag of the musk/patchouli/ coconut, and the entangling, intertwining strawberry shoelaces that fail to entirely entrap those winged, zigzagging dragonflies in the top enable a cute, and rather charming, gourmand perfume that to my mind is not really like any other (and which for some crazed moments there I have even considered buying) .




The drydown of the perfume – high quality, and thus expensive – is long-lasting and skin-bedded;  more adult, arranged;  sexually aware. It’s all a question, really, of your feelings on that opening: those callanetic, strawberry-winged creatures with glittering, fairy-tale eyes, that hover, carefreely, over the perfume’s nose-thumbing overture; dart down occasionally to alight on their sugarcube castles; swooping, suddenly up again, to resume, gleefully, their naïve, syrupy ballet.







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  1. La Danza was on my Must Try This list before and I will have the pleasure to try the line tomorrow. After reading your description I have to say, I can’t wait. I might not be for me, but it’s going to be fun.

    • That is exactly it: DEFINITELY fun, and good quality, that I can vouch for, it’s just a question of……

      (this really does push that envelope…._

      • Wow.
        I loved it. It really made me smile. The lovely SA at Jovoy told me it’s one of their top sellers, and it was indeed out of stock. He did make me a sample though and it can’t wait tov try it on skin in the coming days. May be not when I’m going to sit in a train for 3 hours.
        If you still think about buying, you can get a 13ml travel spray from Dutch online shop Parfumaria. Just saying…

  2. Olivia

    For some reason, reading this had the original opening sequence of My Little Pony flashing before my eyes (rainbows and glittergasms indeed.) This one is very sweet, isn’t it? Though definitely compelling in a certain mood: there’s always a place for strawberry shoelaces and jim-jams! I do enjoy a gourmand bombshell (Italians are so good at them) but I do wish this had a little bit more of that wink and wiggle in the base. Did you see it also comes in extrait? Maybe things are shadier there.. (but it probably just means instantaneous dentistry.) There was something it reminded me of a little actually: Lann-Ael by Lostmarc’h.

    • ‘glittergasms’ is my definitive favourite word of the week ,now: I thank you.

      As I was writing it I was wondering whether you could carry it off as I know your sucrose thresholds are higher than most. I personally thought the base was just fine (though I see what you mean – it’s a bit tame, but at least WEARABLE, and I also agree that the Italians do delicious fragrances the best by far).

      I used to love the smell of My Little Ponies. Strawberry Shortcake wasn’t it?

      • Olivia

        Yup, I’m all for indulgence! Having said that, I usually prefer sweetness a little less pigtails-and-polkadots and instead tempered with something a bit darker – as a counterpoint (woods, spices, resins, blah blah.) I do love both Louve and Rahat Loukhoum, for instance, and they’re pretty tooth-rotting but also a bit more..off beat. I think this veers a touch into tween territory for me, a bit too girly, most days. It is a light hearted and pleasing thing though, and some days that’s just grand (definitely wearable). And yeah, strawberry shortcake: mmm.

      • Spot on, as always (do you actually own a full bottle of this?) I can actually imagine it working well when you are in a certain doolallyish, up, fuck-it girly mode and just want a touch of fantasy as there is something quite over-the-rainbow in ya face about this scent. I just obviously couldn’t: I am, in theory, a bloke after all, and I just couldn’t quite convincingly cut it.

        I can with Louve though, though I have never actually smelled the Rahat in the liquid, only in the wax. At the boutique in Paris I made the mistake of buying the beautiful Sarrassins, and Cuir Mauresque, neither of which remotely suit me and which just malinger, gathering dust, on my perfume shelves. I should have gone for the cherry almond instead. I LOVE Louve to death and I reckon I would the other one as well: I am embarrassingly predictable in that regard (and think you might be my scent twin. We both rock Loulou. We both rock Louve….)

  3. I admit the note description is far from my scope but Nobile 1942 is a brand very close to my heart for reasons I am not certain I know. The quality of their ingredients is undeniable and there is also something in their aesthetics that draws me.

  4. Olivia

    Don’t worry, I’m also completely predictable: I’ll never knowingly turn an almond out into the cold. More importantly: *WHAT* – no Rahat?! No. No, that won’t do at all. It’s much more crystalline than La Louve (no musky macaroons and Thundercat dander here), more rosy. It’s completely ridiculous and gauche and brazen and I love it. There are echelons of higher brow Unc. Serges arching above it – several of which I also love – but this has a sense of humour I find completely irresistible. Irrefutably chopper rotting and trashy, but not (entirely) brainless. Wonderful. I’ll send you some in this ever increasing parcel (along with an amazing new coconut perfume I just discovered today! Like the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ dream team – vintage Ysatis parfum and Yves Rocher Coconut, together at last. But I digress: we can discuss coconuts and other things of great import via email..)

    • Ah, glinting Ysatis parfum……don’t you just love it?
      I adore the silent edges of coconut in it, and the strange way that it somehow works with leather..

      And dander, yes :there is definitely that disturbingly sweet, animalic syrup going on in the base of Louve, isn’t there, that disturbs, but takes it away from being just a sweetie. Recently though, I don’t think I have seen Louve anywhere .They stopped selling it in Tokyo, and I didn’t see it in London either. Don’t tell me it has been discontinued. That is one of those perfumes I get through in no time as I get so excited by it I tend to just pour the bottle over me rather than dabbing it in some kind of auto-orgy of cherry almonds. It makes me slightly go into a frenzy.

  5. Olivia

    That’s exactly what I enjoy about it so much, something disturbing, unsettling, a bit foreboding underneath the cherry-almond auto-orgy (I get it too.) Always go to Lutens for scented stories. Yeah, I think it was folded back into the Paris-only bell jars, maybe a year ago? 😦 It is a sadness, captivated like that. Still available online from here though. Let me know if you need any smuggling over. Did that email of mine late last week get through? It’s been playing silly buggers lately so I’m never sure if my late night babblings make it through..

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