and the peonies have bloomed




























I hadn’t even noticed, and then, suddenly there they were







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28 responses to “and the peonies have bloomed

  1. cookie queen

    Stunning. My new screensaver.

  2. The first one reminds me of ginger sushi

  3. Nancysg

    My gardening skills are close to non-existent. But every year I long for my six peony plants to bloom. They are my only flowers, and they somehow survive my neglect of them. I cut them and wallow in bouquets of pink scent through out the house. Mine won’t bloom until June, so thanks for the lovely pictures.

  4. Lilybelle

    How lovely!

  5. I used to have two enormous pink peony bushes in my old house, and experienced major problems with them flopping nearly to the ground, though every year I would try to stake them a little bit better. I hope yours are less wayward in that regard?

  6. Tania

    wow…….. beautiful.

  7. Veritas

    Gorgeous…and well captured!

  8. Peonies are my favorite flower to look at. Such big, lush blooms!

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