The Black Narcissus




























With its acerbic fuselage of sharp, gleaming galbanum; bergamot, leaf notes and blue hyacinth; an unsentimental floral heart of narcissus and cassia, and a dry, resinous, woody base, Silences is both sexed and restrained;  attractive and scary, an almost callous scent, bitchy even, despite its cool, midnight vulnerability.



I always imagined Silences on a jaded Japanese ‘hostess’ of the eighties, reclining on the black velour banquette of a nightclub in Ginza, scrutinizing you as you pass her doorway, eyes meeting yours, not shrinking from your gaze. A shrewd, black cat on the surface; in reality nervous, tender, wanting you to look deeper.



This is the house of Jacomo’s keeper, its classic, and is still sold in France, or at least it…

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8 responses to “SILENCES by JACOMO (1978)

  1. Over the past months this has become my go-to bottle, my olfactory meditation. I cannot express how much it relaxes me and makes me feel contentment. The vetiver note is one of the best I have ever smelt and the hyacinth is just so naturally placed next to it. I just bought a larger 100ml bottle as I don’t ever want to be without it.

  2. Holly

    Somehow my original query got lost … but I think the comments have already answered it. It went something like this: I tried to order a sample here in the states from STC, but they ran out and then let me know they wouldn’t be carrying Silences anymore. I was going to tralala and forget about it, until this post. I was wondering if I should be seeking the “vintage” as the current formulation is widely available here in stores and online (and it’s really a bargain) , and serendipitously poof! my lost query winged its way into someone else’s psyche. Or else you can see my question and I can’t, as the comments really do read like an answer to what I asked. Now THAT is something to contemplate…

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