Your black framboise

I was sitting in the classroom while some students did a test when suddenly a dark raspberry entered my conscience. 


Had my suit somehow brushed against our patchouli scented walls?


Was it the hints of Champs Élysées still that were lingering on my shirt? 


I don’t know, but the Body Shop’s Early

Harvest Raspberry cream, which I had on my hand, when combined with something else, suddenly brought me to Magie and

i thought, yes: a body bathed in raspberry, which forms the

delicious top note in Lancome’s dark spirited genius, then she herself….




i just just wish that one

day I could come

across the vintage parfum at the flea market: a holy

grail I have never been granted ( do you know it? TELL ME )


o and and while we are at it, 



fuck this iphone



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12 responses to “Your black framboise

  1. ninakane1

    There are a few on ebay.

  2. ninakane1

    I like the thought of it mixed with raspberry cream very much though. Have a tiny vintage bottle from the 80s that came as part of a set of Lancôme miniatures (also had mini Fidji, Paloma Picasso, Clandestine, Lou Lou and Anais Anais in the box) and have just dabbed a bit on in your honour. It’s mixing in quite a pleasant way with the Caroline Herrara parfum body lotion I daubed on myself earlier. I’m not sure what my relationship to Magie is actually. I quite liked wearing it a bit randomly one Summer but I remember you sort of warning me off it and saying you felt it was wrong for me, and I do trust your instincts and readings of perfume so I pondered this and did take a step back from it, as I think you were touching on something there, although I couldn’t (and still can’t) see the whole of it. It’s a very familiar and very alien perfume to me in some ways. Definitely relates to a much younger self and to women in my childhood, and I think I told you, I had a dream infused somehow by it that related in some measure to a Cinderella archetype (but in a positive, and not obvious way – definitely something of canny kitchen-dwelling in it pour moi). It’s not something I wear often – it sort of relates to representing others a bit when I wear it think – but it’s something I occasionally reach for impulsively when I want to ponder a particular sort of female energy or circumstance. It is in the same vein as Paloma Picasso for me, also Youth Dew of course. I do love it as a scent though (warming to its soft dry kitchen light beauty on my wrist as I write). But I treat it with some care. I think it is one to have stowed away for random moments.

    • Exactly. I LOVE having a bottle ( sent by Daphne: what does this mean? Duncan’s mother sending me her absolute holy grail? ) stored away in the perfume cabinet, but I need to twist and turn it, alienate it, add some raspberry here, some patchouli there, even some Kenzo, just for my own satisfaction and also so that Duncan doesn’t feel that he is sleeping with his mother.

      And incidentally, my warning you off it gives me a sense of regret. Duncan has sworn me off rose oudhs because he says I smell ‘matronly’ in them, which is as damning a put down as I can think of, and yet others clamoured, practically, for my scent in them.

      I don’t know. It’s a fascinating area of
      discussion, and a gorgeous way to subvert our own presence.


    • Katherine

      Nina this really impressed a sense of uncanny impulse and atmosphere on me! I haven’t smelled it but I have smelled Paloma…

  3. Lilybelle

    I don’t think I’ve ever smelled it, but knowing now that it’s a holy grail for you I’ll keep my eyes open just in case one that I can afford turns up serendipitously.

  4. Are you talking about Magie or Magie Noire? I haven’t smelled any of these two in their original (“vintage”) form. I have a bottle of Magie in its reincarnation for La Collection that Lancôme released for their anniversary.

  5. Magie Noire in the original is absolutely amazing.

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