P s y c h I c

I actually am, slightly. 


Earlier in the day I thought “Parure”. 




And there it was.


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9 responses to “P s y c h I c

  1. Renee Stout

    Parure is absolutely wonderful. I was lucky enough to nab a full vintage edt late one night on ebay. I have a couple of drops of pure parfum in a mini bottle. I just wish I could get my hands on more of the parfum.

  2. What a truly auspicious find. Parure is just the height of latter day Guerlain creations. Many have come after it, but none have truly outshone it’s beauty.

  3. Lilybelle

    I’m psychic too, but only when someone I haven’t heard from in ages is about to turn up again. Never with lottery numbers. 😦

  4. Laurels

    My psychic ability consists only of the propensity to introduce exactly the wrong topic of conversation. For example, “How could you make a joke about eating disorders when her daughter is in the hospital with anorexia?” hissed at me by my aunt, as I manage to offend one of her friends less than 20 minutes after meeting her. Twice I made people I barely knew burst into tears before I learned to never, ever, under any circumstances make even the most glancing reference to car accidents. (Oh my god. Now I’ve done it again. I apologize. I did not mean in any way to make light of what was without question a terrible tragedy.)

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