My new friend tonight






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5 responses to “My new friend tonight

  1. Lilybelle


  2. I’m convinced I’ve met her somewhere before. She looks really familiar!

    • I know what you mean, actually. Although EVERY woman at the party was dressed as Madonna in the Desperately Seeking Susan phase, only she had that extra quotient, that twinkle in her eye. Anastacia is her name. Hungarian/Romany American. Interesting, sexy. I had to take her picture (this is me, teasing out her hair (wig).

      We agreed to host a joint party: WIG ROULETTE.

      Whatdya think? I came up with that name and then it just kept making me chuckle all night. She is really on for it.

  3. This is a wig?! How lovely and ethereal and so cinematic looking. Alongside your Solaris post it makes me want to delve into the screen…

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