what i smell tonight



what i smell tonight is invisible lilies, entwined in a bower somewhere above me in the dark mountain foliage. stargazers, probably : downy; cloved; drifting down from somewhere covetous, out of sight.










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12 responses to “what i smell tonight

  1. Katy

    You’re a closet lily lover! My stargazers are getting ready to bloom and I never met a lily I did not like!

    • I find them too much up close, but somewhere up in the dark where you can’t see them, the projection and throw is beguiling and smooth. I literally have no idea where they are. Where I live is basically a prehistoric forest that was cut into to make a residential area, and there is an absolute proliferation of flowers; jasmine, wisteria, now lilies. I have had a hard week. This is like an opening.

  2. janeykate

    Ah a proliferation of flowers, what could be nicer! I love lilies, at least any of the scented ones
    Jane x

  3. What a glorious way to commence the weekend. I love the delicious wafting of flowers in the distance. The scent of honeysuckle should be awaiting me soon, the neighbor has it somewhere on her property and it is lovely.

  4. Renee Stout

    Lilies are my favorite flower. Love serge Lutens Un LysI There’s nothing like a whiff of some beautiful flower on the wind. I have tuberose coming up now and can’t wait until they bloom.

    • i would usually take a tuberose over a lily( not that they grow in japan), and yet tonight, no flower could have been better. it honestly felt like some kind of benevolent being calling me: spice, first, then flowers…..heaven.

  5. Tora

    i wish you were the person sitting by my bed, reading these lullabies….

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