It’s probably not a good idea to walk around with a perfume in your pocket



Especially when it’s in a hospital, and you come to pay, and it smashes to the ground when you pull it out accidentally with your wallet from the front of your jeans pocket – shards of sharp, Alfred Sung original piercing the air; patients jumping away to avert the splashing; citruses; rivulets of white tropical flowers and green, 80’s muguet.





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17 responses to “It’s probably not a good idea to walk around with a perfume in your pocket

  1. My clumsiness is mortifying. I then come out and trip up over a bump of concrete in the car park; drop the plants I have just bought when boarding the bus as people strain over to scrutinize what the uncoordinated foreigner is now up to……such a bloody ham-fisted oaf!

  2. I have smashed two Chanel Pour Monsieurs as well, both in public. One on a train……..thank god it wasn’t Muscs Koublai Khan; women weeping and tearing off their eyelids in distress at the sheepy skank; children clinging to their fathers in dismay at the woollen discharge…

  3. Oh dear. At least it’s muguet, which smells like cleaning product, which makes the hospital smell clean.

  4. cookie queen

    Probably not.

  5. ninakane1

    Would probably make the wards smell better though… A citrusy replacement for the lingering smell of limbs in sweaty Plaster of Paris and the thinly-veiled whiff of poo and puke that is inevitably always present however much the rooms are scrubbed. Were you in for your knee? Hope it’s doing ok. X

  6. Lilybelle

    What a shame you broke your Sung. I wore that one for a while way back when. It was a Christmas gift from a friend who thought it would suit me. It seems like we have those clumsy days, and once we start we’re on a roll and can’t shake it. I tend to knock my elbows and hands on doorknobs and doorways and things. My husband calls me “the flailer”. Tall gangly Pinocchio with good intuition sounds nice.

  7. Oh that is a shame! But perhaps you left the place smelling better than before.

  8. Oh what a shame …but a treat for the patients in lieu of the hospital’s antiseptic aroma.

  9. Nancysg

    I wore Sung exclusively for many years when it was originally released. It was my holy grail. I eventually moved on. Then, a few years ago I bought a bottle for cheap. I threw it away! It was so bad I couldn’t stand it. I do have an unopened vintage perfume that I need to gather the courage to try. I want it to be the scent I remember so fondly.

  10. So sad to lose a tiny treasure. I am just able to envision people jumping away as if you broke a vial of sulphuric acid in front of them. Always amazed at the Japanese loathing of anything heavily scented, bt also envious of them as well.

  11. Almost forgot to add…happy the knee is doing well and that physical therapy is not too difficult on you. Oh, to go to a place that has good feng shui. My physical therapy, great as it was, was in such a dismal and unhappy locale it made me feel worse at times.

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