It’s approaching the end of term and you can see it on my face.
Not having used my neroli skin cream for a couple of months I decided to make some again the other day, interested to see if what I wrote here about the essence before were still objectively observable.

It was. There is no face saver like essential oil of neroli : it is rejuvenation central. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

The Black Narcissus


I will admit that I am somewhat vain.

Though I virtually never go clothes shopping, don’t ‘work out’, and usually cut my hair myself, one thing I do care about, aside how I smell, obviously, is skin.

Though middle age may be encroaching (or has already encroached), and I can accept the realities of ‘ageing’ to a large degree  (and I have to say that being 43 is way more enjoyable than I ever would have possibly imagined), I nevertheless see no reason why I should dry up like a crinkled, Clint Eastwood husk if I can help it, at least not yet; and like the Egyptians, and their rituals of mummification, I will continue to try to preserve that disintegrating epidermis as long as is humanly possible.

I have always been one of those who are morbidly attracted to moisture. In fact, I am a confirmed dehydrophobe (Duncan has even…

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