I might be wrong but this smelled to me, on first sniff, like a lamb chop, topped with mimosa, and tossed, forlornly, in a field of grass.




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15 responses to “ESSENCES INSENSEES by DIPTYQUE (2014)

  1. Sounds delightful :/ I personally would prefer wet ferret and strawberry parfait…actually that MIGHT actually smell interesting.
    Diptyque has been latting me down fragrance wise for a while now. Too bad, but at least the candles are still glorious.

    • As I say, I am not sure. This one is very expensive, and has a very real and natural mimosa note ( I love mimosa.)

      I could swear I could smell mutton though as I was walking along ( unless I happened to have been walking by a Greek or Turkish restaurant).

  2. Lauren

    lemming killed – thank you! 🙂

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I will take a skanky skunky note over a basted sheep note in my perfume!

  4. nocturnes

    thanks for making my day……

  5. LOVE lamb. sadly Jin thinks it smells bad and has a gamey flavour. we eat it without him.
    Portia x

  6. I remember trying this one. Recently. I don’t remember any animals. But I don’t remember much anything about this perfume so I won’t argue the lamb ; -)

  7. Tora

    You’re killin me.

  8. MrsDalloway

    Haha, just found this! It’s lovely (I have a bottle) and it’s beeswax, not mutton! Philistine. Bees are the small buzzy ones, sheep are far away…

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