must all good things come to an end?


Just just off on my way to an afternoon dinner party in Tokyo, and thought I would have a sneaky quick peek at my beloved Shinagawa fleamarket on the way.

Except for for the holiday on January 1st, I have never known for it to be ever closed.

But closed it was today, and where there would usually be mats and rugs with people selling all manner of things, including, on occasion, the most brain-searing vintage perfume bargains, things like Cuir De Russie parfum, or Nuit De Noel extrait, rarities like Diorling, or perfumes I have never even heard of before, today there were coffee tables and chairs instead, just a few stray people wandering about.

Although there are other vintage fleamarkets around in Tokyo on weekends, they are usually focused on furniture, paintings and antiques. Bric-a-brac, kimonos, dolls.




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7 responses to “must all good things come to an end?

  1. Not to panic. I just googled it and they’re closed today for works.

  2. LOL. I know the feeling of losing one of your favourite shops. I’ll have to come and shop with you one of these days. Then I won’t have to be jealous of you anymore ;)p

  3. I am happy for you it was just closed for the day. I know the pain of losing a special fragrance place.

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