Star-of-Beth3-350_67ab3875 Madonna-Like-a-Virgin-Album-Photoshoot-madonna-25377367-701-700 fresh-tuberose-sampangi-flowers-250x250 -Like-a-Virgin-Screenshots-madonna-25377389-685-700 img-thing There is a certain vernal regality to some of the more obscure and classic Creeds, a blasé timelessness – and I love Fleurissimo. Vivid, green; a verdant, fresh bouquet of happiness, this perfume was apparently created especially for the wedding of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco. It must have been perfect: a lovely, natural-smelling scent of freshly cut flowers – jasmine, tuberose, rose, lily; ventilated, enfreshened– all suspended in a clear, leafy accord of the freshest soap. Fleurissimo is a sculptured, very classical creation that happens also to be loved by Madonna (presumably for those more virginal, lady-of-the-manor days she occasionally has, simply existing in her own time and space). The woman clearly has good taste in scent, because Fleurissimo is great: a romantic, joyous scent, light yet heady, for days when nothing will stop you from being free. double-tuberose-veseys1-400x500


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7 responses to “LIKE A VIRGIN : FLEURISSIMO by CREED (1972)

  1. I love Fleurissimo. I used to wear it more often but I now realize I haven’t worn it even once this year and it sits regally on my dresser (not in one of my obscure perfume storage areas). It still smells fresh and vibrant and is a very pretty scent. Why do I wear it so seldom when I even have a backup bottle is beyond me…perhaps too many perfumes to choose from or maybe because lately I like the darker mysterious scents. I remember when Fleurissimo was my perfume of choice and I always received compliments when I wore it. Thank you for the reminder.

    • I could never wear it, of course, but would love to smell this on a woman in white walking by….

      Perhaps the season is wrong. Really I should have written this in Spring but I just felt like it.

  2. I love Fleurissimo, but never purchased a full bottle…imagine that. I find it intriguing that it was created for Grace Kelly, because it is most definitely not the type of scent I would imagine her wearing. It is a beautiful scent, but just a wee bit too pretty for her, not sophisticated enough. I could see her more as a Miss Dior type. Now Madonna, that is interesting too.

  3. emmawoolf

    This is a fun game for a Monday: (I am supposed to be working, and indeed I am, but distractions are ever present…) going through my box of Les Senteurs samples and looking them up in either your book, and/or here. This one was suggested to me by Mr Craven, as a somewhat off piste suggestion (I just wanted to try something by Creed, and he came up with this) and I just love it. Perfect for this time of year. Peak blossom. I imagine wearing it to skip down the King’s Road. (That was indeed another life). x

    • Yes, I should have put that one in Green Florals really but there wasn’t the space. I wish I could just make the book GROW and include more and more! Fleurissimo would be a great scent to wear because virtually no one else does.

      I smelled Cristalle again at Norwich airport and it is still lovely: unruined. Not cheap though!

      • emmawoolf

        There could be a sequel? The ones that got away. Norwich airport selection must have improved since my last visit! Edt or Edt? X

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