the mountain moonlight, and roses…..TAUER PERFUMES’ INCENSE ROSE (2008) + UNE ROSE DE KANDAHAR (2013)

The Black Narcissus



The very existence of an innovative and imaginative independent perfumer such as Zurich based Andy Tauer, an alchemist who produces strange and unique perfumes within his own apartment and boxes them, packages them, and sends them to his eager recipients all over the world, is quite gratifying in this overly compromised and commercialized world of vacuous, olfactory pap. Tauer’s releases regularly get the fragrant stratosphere all lathered up; stark, strong, and very contemporary blends that defy the usual gender-seductive expectations and take perfumery into interesting, and unidentified, zones.

They are not to be taken lightly, however. For me personally, Tauer scents are never an easy wear. Rather than just an immediately pleasing smell to apply, to fuse with and merely enhance my own physical aura and persona, these very complex (very male, actually) perfumes feel more like miniature, fully realized tableaux or skin-inhabiting theatrical productions; dramatic plays or ballets…

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3 responses to “the mountain moonlight, and roses…..TAUER PERFUMES’ INCENSE ROSE (2008) + UNE ROSE DE KANDAHAR (2013)

  1. Nocturnes

    I LOVE the Tauer story and was also very much wanting to love his fragrances that were sent to me as samples by others….alas, did not work on my skin – the few that I tried (can’t even remember the names of them…but I believe one might have had linden?) were a bit harsh and dry…so I gave up the desire to sample any more….even though I had originally wanted to try Lonestar memories and Desert de M…..

    • I don’t do dry. I just don’t. I am a moist bitch, I need water and heft, I am an UTTER dehydrophobe. I just don’t need scents that desalivate my mouth and dry up my fluids. I have the wrong skin for all of that, but on certain more ascetic, papery skins, I think these scents can probably really thrive and come to life.

    • Nocturnes

      It was Zeta…and after researching the notes it really should have worked on me…but it did not…(and I do like linden blossoms!)

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