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I was asked recently to write something about Japanese Christmas. I have no idea what mental images or (pre)conceptions you may have of this curious time in Japan, but if I think back on those first Christmases and compare them with how I feel now, I realize that I have become acclimatized almost entirely to what I used to find quite creepy. For the Japanese Christmas, in some ways, from certain angles, is quite creepy.

I could write reams on my wonderful remembrances of innocent childhood Christmases, of the fierce, wondrous magic; the school nativity plays; the Christingle kid’s services at our local church with their candles, angels, and clove-studded oranges; of the impossibly exciting thrill of Father Christmas and Christmas eve, and of snow, and presents under the sparkling tree, but I know that many of you reading this will have had very similar experiences, and that even a…

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3 responses to “JAPANESE CHRISTMAS

  1. Really looking forward to Christmas this year for some reason! Got my busking license yesterday and am wheeling my singing Christmas Carol character out there into the streets of Yorkshire on Thursday! Christmas in Orlando should be fun.

  2. Christmas Carol! A singing Lady Santa with a Dolly Parton wig and green eyelids! Will post a piccy on fb in forthcoming days.

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