…and speaking of Chanel…


I have have just gone into another shop on my usual scent hunting run, and look at all that vintage No 19 !


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8 responses to “…and speaking of Chanel…

  1. Nocturnes

    Wow is all I can say! I hope you are stocking up!!!!! What are they charging for these gems, by the way?

    • Nocturnes

      Holy crap…I just enlarged the picture and saw vintage EDT no 22!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know it has been reformulated as I tested it as “an exclusive” a few months ago….nothing compares to the original which could be purchased for a fraction of what is being charged nowadays…….

      • Nocturnes

        So before my insane weekend begins I just wanted to share this with you….today was a day of frequent interruptions ….and every time someone entered my office the first remark was “What smells so good?” Ten times today I was told how amazing I smell! I am wearing “Chapman” which started out really as a base but I loved it so much that I said screw the mid and top notes…..Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, peru balsam, new Caledonia sandalwood absolute, labdanum and a hefty,hefty dose of opoponax…..thick, syrupy and outrageously delicious…..this one is going to get me through this grueling winter….and of course when I chose to wear it on its own I thought of you…..my ladies who sell this decided that each perfume needs to be named after the person who inspired and/or loves it……hence, the name “Chapman” (VaNeila is a name already in existence for another blend)

        Have a wonderful weekend!

      • I couldn’t be more flattered or enticed. PLEASE let me smell it!

  2. Katy McReynolds

    Entering my Tardus now….

  3. Lend me the money to come over, Neil…

  4. My but that is a festive sight to behold. Love the older formulation Chanels.

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