Lesson learned: why you should not prevaricate when you find a genuine treasure

It had been there for months.


A 250 ml splash rare bottle of Guerlain Jardins De Bagatelle.

I really wanted it, for my collection, to siphon off to friends, but it was 11,000 yen – over a hundred dollars. I kept putting it off, sure it would still be there.

Go today, and the shop has now changed hands. Just bag after bag and a wall of faceless Chanel.

Emma is going to kill me.


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10 responses to “Lesson learned: why you should not prevaricate when you find a genuine treasure

  1. Tania

    I hate when that happens! I’m sorry you missed out.

    I have a spray bottle of Jardins from the 90’s, which I never wear, it’s too sweet for me. I didn’t know it ever came in splash.

  2. Nocturnes

    What a pity! But think of all the other beauties you have gotten hold of in the past!

  3. emmawoolf

    Just to make you feel worse, N, I scanned the first line of your post in a bleary-eyed state on my phone this morning, and thought that you had in fact procured a giant bottle of said perfume. I searched the photo in vain, feeling that I must somehow be cognitively lacking, or my phone had cropped an area of the pic, so as not to see it. And then I re-read. Agh.

  4. emmawoolf

    But, even though I love Jardins deeply (or at least did love its previous incarnations), I would worry about you spending three figures on something that may not be wonderful. Sorry, I know that’s dull of me. I do hope another and even more bargainous bottle appears another day x

  5. Things go round in cycles. I am sure something fabulous will make its way to you soon.

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