Eau Des Minimes Cologne

Today I am wearing Eau Des Minimes Cologne, with lemon oils added by myself.

I smell like a freshly polished table.


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16 responses to “Eau Des Minimes Cologne

  1. Wish I had sent along a bit of vintage 么 de Lancome for you, very citrusy with a healthy dose of muskiness.

    • Never fear. Last year I scored a full ( eighties ) vintage bottle. I love its intimations of cold cream, vetiver and lemon leaf: so optimistic and soothing. Duncan’s grandmother had an older vintage that I think was a parfum de toilette from the seventies: that smelled extraordinary. The new version, as you know, is utter crap – NOTHING like it!

      Do you know its male twin sibling, TROPHEE? I did an amusing review of that one if you feel like looking it up.

      • Nocturnes

        O de Lancolme Intense was equally as fantastic…..I remember when it became discontinued and the salesperson talked my father (who was purchasing it for me at the time) into buying three bottles instead of one……for me what made the original non reformulated O de Lancolme so wonderful was the oakmoss, which I believe (and you can correct me if I am wrong) was in there…..I adore oakmoss….have you ever sniffed it straight up? It is really challenging to work with because of its tremendously thick viscosity and it stains your skin when applied neat but there is no other scent like it…..my lady, who gravitates towards male fragrances, makes me put it in everyone of her blends…..she is also a lover of hefty doses of galbanum which can really overtake a perfume….

      • I must admit I am not crazy about it, but I intuitively feel its necessity. When it is absent I miss it.

      • I do know Trophee, I will look up your review of it.
        The 么 de Lancome I own is also the Parfum de Toilette version, it us heavenly, truly heavenly. Sad how they gave turned it into bathroom freshener over the years, well some bathroom fresheners smell nicer 馃槈

        I also absolutely adore the 么 de Lancome Intense that Nocturnes mentioned. A really fabulous iteration of it with a darker heart.

  2. Filomena813

    Your comment made me laugh!

    • A boring lemony cologne for work.

      • Nocturnes

        and yet, you smell divine….I love a good lemon and lemongrass as well……

      • I’ve never come across a good lemongrass oil: always so rough and crude- smelling. I adore it in Thai cooking though and as a tisane: so purifying and relaxing.

      • Nocturnes

        have you ever gotten to trying any of the oils from Eden Botanicals? I know you don’t do the credit card thing but I have always hand written a purchase order and mailed them a check ….not sure if they ship to Japan, though…..they truly have the best oils, in my opinion…..and lemongrass I use with an extremely light touch as it is a monster which takes over everything…..but one tiny drop in something is glorious…..lemony…but so much more radiant to my nose…..try it in coconut oil with cedarwood in the base….when the coconut oil hardens I use this as a hand cream…..

      • Nocturnes

        Yes I know I am driving you bonkers but one last thing….Eden makes the only vetiver I truly like and will use neat…double distilled vetiver….please peruse the sight….they have some amazing oils (and no, I do not work for them or get commission from my rantings and ravings)

      • Nocturnes

        Oh goodness…that is “site” not “sight” (which is what I get for typing quickly at work!!!)

      • Nocturnes

        and one last note…Happy New year!!!! (will be away for a few weeks)

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