To all the readers:

Thanks for all the stimulating discussion and support this year. I love doing The Black Narcissus and I am grateful and delighted that others seem to enjoy it too.

Happy New Year from New Orleans! I hope you have a wonderful 2015.




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18 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL

  1. I miss New Orleans so much! Thanks for the pictures. And I gave to admit that I have never tried the Bourbon French perfumes. Are they any good?

    • Quite nice, though I liked the HOVE PARFUMEUR ones much more. About to go out again drenched in their Vetivert.

      Happy new year to you O Fleur


      Full America reports to come later.

      • Renee Stout

        I’m with you…I think that Hove is the best and their Vetivert tops even the best niche vetivers, dirty and raw.

  2. Love the photos and love that decadent city. It’s been too long since I’ve been there. Happy New Year!

  3. Glorious photos of a city I must visit, hopefully soon.
    Hope you, Duncan and your families will have a glorious 2015 and thank you so much for your wonderful writing/sharing. I truly look forward to your posts, you just make my day more than you could imagine.

  4. Love from a windy, rainy Amsterdam. Perfect weather for a game of golf , but alas no snowman in The parks. However, I spotted a perfume stopper (?) with Kus Kus written on the upside in your bouquet melange pour 2015 and that signifies X X in Dutch.

    • Don’t get me started on the X X s. There are three on the tombs of the voodoo dead at Louis Cemetery no 1. I took some pictures. I might put them up.

      Happy New Year to you Nelleke Oepkes.

  5. Holly

    Happy New Year, Neil!

  6. Lilybelle

    Happy New Year, Neil!! I’m so glad you’re spending some time in New Orleans, one of my very favorite places ever. Enjoy! Wishing you and Duncan a happy, healthy & prosperous 2015. I love both Hove and Bourbon French, but I’m partial to Bourbon French. 🙂

    • I feel (with a mother in law hovering over my shoulder) that I couldn’t quite do Bourbon justice, but I did very much enjoy being in there. I loved the whole feel of it (and indeed the city). Which scents of theirs would you recommend?

      (Oh, and a very happy New Year to you, Mme Belle).

      • Lilybelle

        Happy New Year, Neil! xoxo ❤ Last time I was at Bourbon French I bought their edc versions of Patchouli and Vetivert – both pure and natural smelling, probably similar to HovĂ©'s versions. I also like BF's Marguerite (clean, green. light), and Anastasia (powdery, almondy. Kus Kus is wonderful for the bath – reminds me a little bit of Caron Royal Champagne de Bain, and is probably the scent I've most actually used. I p.our the edc directly into the bath water. And I have the soap.

  7. Now it’s really lyrically decided. I have to visit thuis city. You got me hooked as Well as The incredible photographs! thank you Duncan. The mirrors in the Bathroom- I can drown in words- I have to check my reflection, if it’ s still there.

  8. Katherine

    Happy New Year Neil! Argh what great photos!!! Xx

    • Thanks. Unfortunately, this new irritating format of WordPress won’t let me space things the way I want to (which feels like a mini artistic death: spacing MATTERS people. I don’t want things all budged up together unless that is what I want – it definitely works sometimes) but anyway.

      Yes, it was quite a place actually. Recommended. Touristy yes, but unhinged for sho’

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