I don’t usually go for leather. But the other day I found a bottle of vintage Etro Gomma in a perfume bargain bin and couldn’t quite resist.




I am going to wear it tonight, in Tokyo. D is doing a hilarious-sounding piece of performance art, at a revue in Roppongi, based on Suzi Quatro’s Can the can












and it just seems very fitting.




Beginning with a classic, dry, tangy opening (vaguely reminiscent of Antaeus and Fendi Uomo, with a momentary nod to Bandit) this aromatic leather soon changes tack, softens, and goes all sweet, sweaty and Kouros-like (that interesting addition of feral jasmine): balsamic, unapologetic, apropos.


Quite sexy, actually.





I am going to carry it off.










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5 responses to “THE NARCISSUS IN LEATHER : : : GOMMA by ETRO (I989)

  1. Go for it, Marlon. Is there any known history of the perfume famous stars were wearing? Diva’s and divo’s?

  2. Thanks And toi toi toi for Duncan. We say it when wishing actors, dansers etc good luck

  3. I just adore leathers, leather chypres in particular. I like a leather so leathery it makes a person standing next to m feel as if I swatted them across the face, and ass, with my gloves.
    Go for it and feel bold 😉

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