It’s icy cold here tonight.











































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11 responses to “W I T CH

  1. Renee Stout

    Thanks for the “walk-through” of your perfume stash yesterday and the photos of the icy cold evening. I like feeling like I’m actually hanging out with you for a bit and “seeing” what’s in your world (smile).

  2. I loved the perfume cabinet tour too. I can walk outside my door here in the Northeast USA and feel and see the icy cold. I never realized Japan got so cold.

    • I mean relatively speaking compared to where you are it would probably feel balmy, but to me it is utterly freezing right now. We had some snow yesterday and it usually stays like this until the spring.

  3. Magical photos. Very gothic looking and entrancing.
    I was also curious as to how cold it becomes there.

    • I know what you mean. I think Japan is this mysterious other that you can’t really imagine until you have lived there. Even the weather seems unimaginable.

      The summer is INCREDIBLY hot and sweltering, and so traditionally houses are not insulated. Meaning that when winter comes it is freezing. And it’s a particular moist, Japanese cold. I was talking to a Canadian the other day and he said yep, it’s really cold here: a different cold. It gets in your bones.

      That terrifying witch tree reflects this I think.

  4. This is magic! At these moments I take a picture in my mind as well. And I store them away in a memory slide of my own. To recall whenever I feel The wish to. And the feeling of enhancement gets stored in as well,
    yours to cherish

  5. katherinec

    This made me think of the Goblins Suspiria soundtrack, icy cold and dead of night..! But looks beautiful.

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