I love this.

A lush, strutting floral, Iris Tubéreuse smells not of iris powder or tuberose blooms, but of the most head-turning blue hyacinths – a fierce galbanum and violet leaf head note, fused with white lilies, tuberose, and muguet, that gives the rocket green illusion of hyacinthine fireworks  – the most brilliantly self-conscious party entrance.





This is a scent that demands to be sprayed just prior to your arrival for the maximum impact. The upward gush of flowers – verdant, spring-like, enticing – cuts through the air like a scythe : imposing, striking, and vivid ( I have a real thing for hyacinths; the push up through the earth; that heady and entrancing smell that verges on the hypnotic).

Later, the closing stages of the perfume prove possibly less perfect, more synthetic and confused (orange blossom, vanilla, musk), in the way that hyacinth perfumes almost always do (think Tom Ford Ombre De Hyacinth and Serge Lutens Bas De Soie), but that slightly more smudged and less inspiring effect might just be on male skin.

On the right individual, though, one who loves green florals and the vivacious, florid overture; the sensation of being garlanded in fresh, living flowers and their ensuing sharp and purifiying distancing from the soiled quotidian reality of existence; Iris Tubéreuse, despite its high cost, is most definitely  worth your scrutiny.


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  1. I adore hyacinths, for me The smell of spring to come, I adore Grand Entrees, And I admire Peacocks, always from a distance, due to their vocal Talents. I also like The backside of them very much, funny, in hilarious contrast to their magnificent front. I have silk shawls with Peacocks, So I’ll consider wearing them together with Iris Tubereuse for a Grande Entree on the 22th of february for a gala night, featuring September Issue (hommage to The late Diana Vreeland). Spring on Autumn, how very alluring And most fitting to The occasion.
    PS what would you advise as stand-in If I can’t find the scent of Creed?

    • For hyacinth hyacinths I think this would be great sprayed on just before you enter, on just washed skin, but I fear you may find the middle and end sections a touch banal.

      For a vivid but more decayed, romantic stance, Annick Goutal’s Grand Amour is a great hyacinth that might go better with Diane Vreeland ( sounds interesting: I want to go!)

      I think women in dense, eye grabbing florals can be great at such events.

  2. Nancysg

    I had gotten a sample of this and proceeded to spill it all over my bathroom counter. I swiped my wrists on the counter and wafted green/big flowers for hours. I admit, I did enjoy the lush flowers that bloomed ALL around me. I won’t be buying it – just too much money. But a fun fragrance to try.

  3. Here it is the same price. You can’t even go Dutch over this. Imagine, making an entry with someone else wearing the same scent And still feeling a dent in your Wallet! I’ll be checking up Annick Goutal, who is terra incognita. Babe in the woods, that’s what I am. Such larks my dear!

  4. I looked up Annick Goutal And I could buy EdP 3.4 oz on The Fragrance Net for 58 USD (25% discount) , new tester spray. Or would you advise me to look for a vintage one? Just now in bed felled by a grippe And looking longingly at The white peacock, strutting through the hyacinths

  5. No, I always am responsable for my own buys. But there is a wilderness, a rimboe, of fragrances out there, And I trust your advice, as I did before.
    A friend gave me a bunch of mimosa as the intended gifted was allergic to them. and they are peacefully shedding their pollen And their oh so light spicy? Scent as I pass them. Better than aspirine

  6. So do I. Bought Grand Amour on Ebay, as Fragrance Net charges tax And shipping to an amount that you could almost have bought 2 bottles! Status of Liberty, liberal unto themselves! I suppose they took only Liberte from France And that Egalite got dropped after crossing The Atlantic, let alone Fraternite. I am not a Yankeybasher, but FN is unsuscribed, with their irritating offers. O I long for The days that I bought all my scent At Madame Irene’s boutique in the Leidsestraat. Scent And Lovely conversation . You would have loved her …

  7. aka booknose

    GRAND AMOUR ANNICK GOUTAL, all in capitals. A-MA-ZZZIIINNNGGG, to quote Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly, whom I adore, because he is strictly just. As you were, are and will be, o captain, my captain who guides me through the rollers of scent. I still can smell and sense it!! Shall tell you how it all went on my entrance and will wear it with pride.

  8. Hmmm I’ve never liked a single Creed before (in fact, I display a particular loathing of their mediocre QC – ahem, Aventus), so perhaps this is the one to change all that? I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it, but I suppose this time I’ll actually give the Creed counter a chance.

    • Your antipathy and ennui regarding Creed is very palpable indeed I must say. I know what you mean, though there are at least ten scents of theirs I like so I must ultimately feel differently about them. I just love hyacinths and green florals, and if you have a quite spray of this I can imagine you enjoying it. Tubereuse Iris isn’t recognizably Creed in my view.

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    In my drab pyjamas, dreaming of the peacock

  10. Lilybelle

    That sounds wonderful! Now how would I know Creed Iris Tubereuse smells like that but for you? See how we need you? How’s the walking going? xx

    • To be able to walk at all, even like a panting marionette, is incredibly gratifying given the dire situation I found myself in two weeks ago, but that and the new physio have opened up new portals of pain. I am in good spirits but it’s going to be a long haul!

  11. I stay away from Creed no matter how many accolades it receives. To me it is over-priced to a ridiculous amount and I really do not want to like it at all. As I completely withdraw from it, I do not have to worry one way or the other.

  12. Sounds like potent stuff. Great pics! R

  13. Fifty shades of blue. Sighhh… Beatiful blue pics.

  14. MrsDalloway has 100ml for £99 at the moment if you’re after this? You could get family or friends in the UK to order.

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