when a bottle of loulou empties itself out in your bag

just the thing for a japanese bus !!


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19 responses to “when a bottle of loulou empties itself out in your bag

  1. Arpege struck quite an unheard of accord when she exploded out of my luggage after a flight to Paris. She descended in a nebulous form upon a group of small french schoolboys standing behind me, and hit one little individual in particular. His friends sneezed, giggled and shouted “oh, Philippe, tu pues”, not appreciating The worthy madame Lanvin’s creation. The effect of this perfumed shower upon Philippe has remained a mystery … Either put off for life or hooked forever…

  2. Tania

    OMG – Loulou!!! Yes, that’s about as subtle as getting swimming-pool water up your nose, in large quantities anyway. Yikes. Did they throw you off the bus? 😉

  3. hahahaha! Talk about synchronicity. I just this morning purchased a full bottle from an estate sale. Its pungent to say the least… Did people say anything? I know what they’re like about perfume from your other posts…

    • Literally about 40% (or more) of people are wearing surgical masks at the moment, as they always do in winter, to prevent catching colds or giving colds to other people (although in truth it is just a strange kind of cold, passive aggressive behavior and a way for people to hide behind something I HATE IT), so the people sitting directly around me were pretty much safe as they were ensconced in the stench of their own mucus.

      What else did you get at the estate sale? I love the sounds of these.

      • Oh yes, estate sales are the biz. We go every weekend although it is a sort of S&M experience. This weekend I also nabbed bottles (various sizes, amounts left, strengths) of Capricci, Must de Cartier, Aliage, Knowing, Emeraude, Tigress, assorted Ralph Laurens, Chantilly, 2 No 5s, Antaeus, Drakkar Noir, Madame Rochas and about 20 minis. Also brand new in their boxes – Max Factor Sophisticat, very vintage Evyan White Shoulders gift set, Charlie gift set, Boucheron Boucheron, Tabu (in the cylinder box). Most of my haul will go into my spot at an antique mall when I’ve made sure they’re all good. My best score though was a new in box Jovan Andron which I’m going to put on eBay as they are a rare find and sell for high $$. Hoping it will pay for next semester at school 🙂

      • It sounds fantastic. So you actually sell them off? Mmm…..further bolsters my future ideas about having some kind of vintage market thing myself..

  4. bellaciao

    I just read your piece on perfume haters from last year (congratulations by the way on the award and the new nomination!) and now realize the real implication of that spillage…. I have had a few not so comfortable moments on the subway here transporting camembert and epoisses across town. I think I mastered them by looking unconcerned (“what smell? what cheese? who, me????”) I would have been tarred and feathered I guess had that happened in Japan.
    Out of involuntary solidarity I just spilled some Nocturnes when I took out the bottle from the box by the stopper that wasn’t properly shut. Worse things could happen before an early night:)-

    • I also spilled Nocturnes (the bloody VINTAGE PARFUM) recently and clutched my head in horror at my clumsiness, though, as you say, it did scent the room nicely (love that scent).

      I suppose regarding Japan I have got used to certain reactions though I did try to kind of scrunch the bag down low to avoid too many frangipani vanilla waves of perfumes escaping into the air…..

      Thanks for the congratulations. This year’s nominated piece definitely won’t win as it is just too nebulous and floaty; the Perfume Haters thing was very commercial; punchy and journalistic, and I was pleased with it, but it wasn’t really me.

  5. ..at least you will have a good-smell bag for nearly an entire year!

    • And it really will last a year as well, that’s for sure. I love the original Loulou. The new one starts out very similarly and you could almost be duped, but the base notes are entirely different. A kind of thin synthetic sandalwood; the original is all coconut and depth. I really wanted the bottle for the summer.

  6. Lilybelle

    I’m sorry that happened. 😦 It made me laugh out loud to think of the reaction of people on the bus. I once spilled a small bottle of Shalimar parfum in my favorite bag, a carpet bag, and the scent never came out.

  7. Of all the fragrances to spill on a Japanese bus. Sad because it is not a common scent to find in extrait, at least over here, and secondly, it is a nuclear powered 80’s scent that has the perfume personality of AbFab…larger than life. So I am sure it was making itself known :). I do admit to having over sprayed this quite a few times in my life, it even is noticeable after a shower.
    I do hope there was still some left in the bottle for you to enjoy, although it will linger on your bag for quite a while into the future.

    • It was only a small bottle, but I really wanted it because the new version has none of the depth and richness in the base notes (does that sound like a familiar story?) and I really wanted some for summer. I LOVE LOVE Loulou. Strangely, I can totally carry it off without it smelling especially feminine. It just smells exotic on me.


      • I could totally see this being worn beautifully on a man, I actually always thought it was a nice unisex scent. I would love to smell it on you and see how the scent wears and develops.
        On me it is always very spicy and rich; most scents like LouLou tend to wear this way on me, looking at you Youth Dew while typing that 🙂
        I do hope you find another bottle, I could also look on the eBay for you and see what they have. Let me know.

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