The Black Narcissus






A beautiful green chypre-floral quite delightful in spring and early summer, Yves Saint Laurent’s Y was released in 1964 and immediately declared a classic.






And with good reason. 









On beds of light, green mosses layered with a fresh, prominent patchouli, sparkling floral essences dance above like fireflies over wet green fields: rose, and jasmine, as you might expect, but, then, also, mirabelle, hyacinth, tuberose and the most delicate, piquant honeysuckle: an exquisite profusion of light, moistured flowers that steers Y on a different, more demure course than the other, more tempestuous chypres in the family such as Scherrer, Givenchy III, and the original Miss Dior. 


The initial impression of the vintage eau de toilette I have in my collection is a dazzling display of perfume technique, achieving a lightness and vivacity that is…

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  1. Lilybelle

    How lovely to revisit that one. 🙂

  2. A truly unique and heart-wrenchingly beautiful scent. It definitely follows in the lineage of great chypres yet it has such a distinct personality.

    • I think it is the patchouli contrasted with the green notes and the honeysuckle; it is more vivacious, somehow. At the moment I am really getting into Ma Griffe. What do you think of that one?

      • I absolutely adore Ma Griffe, but only in vintage extrait. The parfum de toilette is not too far off, but the EdT comes across as a wee bit shrill and tin like. Ma Griffe is definitely one of those scents that has not done well in reformulations over the years. Experiencing vintage alongside modern is the equivelant of smelling a fragrance and its flankers; there is that much of a disconnect between the two.
        Another glorious Carven scent is Vert et Blanc (Carven’s signature colors) it is similar to Ma Griffe, yet it has great body and dimension to it. Actually, any vintage Carven scent you come across will smell lovely and they all have that wonderful aldehydic skeleton to them.
        Looking forward to a review of Ma Griffe.

      • Perhaps you could do a guest review for me.

      • I am quite flattered. I will pull out the vintage extrait and give it a couple of wears and work on a review.
        It us humorous, the vibe I always receive from Ma Griffe is of someone who us really well put together, yet wants to come across as being more sophisticated than she really is; as opposed to just being content to be who she is.
        It is a scent close to my heart though, my mama was the one who originally wore it and she introduced it to me.
        I will be working on it and send it off to you.
        What vibe do you have from Ma Griffe?

      • Fresh and green and depthful; I can’t quite get a handle on it. Send me a review and I will put it up.

  3. *autocorrect always turns is into us. Very curious…

  4. Fresh, green, depthful, I like that. It is funny, Ma Griffe was the preferred scent of Parisian ladies of the night for ages, they claimed it made them seem “well bathed” pendant toute la nuit.

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