the ume plum blossom smells unbelievably strong tonight









































When the train doors open it assails you























































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18 responses to “the ume plum blossom smells unbelievably strong tonight

  1. jennyredhen

    How gorgeous… spring is on its way.. there is hope!

  2. Lilybelle

    How beautiful! We’re still in the depths of winter here.

  3. Oh, the fragrance and the surprise. Messengers of spring! I make a mind dia of your beautiful pictures and in hours of need they spring to mind. And I like your careful sensitive photography with the occasional tang (Scent) or pun (Vision)
    I adore kimono’s. Thanks to your words now they have a perfume, plum, jasmine, cherry, hyacinth, many more to come …

    • Japanese plum has a specific resonance. I think we all know cherry blossom in Europe even if it is Japanese in origin. This, though, was a scent I had never experienced until I came here and it is PUNGENT ce soir

  4. PS does Peach blossom smell? Chrysanthemums and my nose don’t see eye to eye. I never smelled ylang ylang, but the name …

    • Peach blossoms are delicate; chrysanthemums reek ( I smelled them today; Japanese people eat the petals steeped in vinegar and I turned around at this cheap vegetable market in Hiratsuka wondering where the stench of chrysanthemums was coming from – still dying to smell Serge Lutens De Profundis which features the note in extremis: ylang ylang is an oil i could drink even if it killed me i love it to death)

    • ylang ylang is cheap and tacky to some people, but to me it is the apex of flowers. i think i wrote about it somewhere in my indonesian posts. have you seen those?
      i was apeshit when i saw the actual flowers for the first time
      see ‘flower thief’ or something, the usual rubbish

  5. Sister Mary

    Does the billiwing blossom smell of PlayDoh? My friend just brought me a selection of Special Edition flavoured KitKats from the Chocolatory in Kyoto and the Special Ume one Tastes Like PlayDoh!

  6. Boveney

    I have been plum blossom viewing this week at the famous sites of Yushima Shrine and Koshikawa Korakuen and couldn’t detect any fragrance at all. Maybe the Kamakura plums are more robust than the weak capital city ones??? Off topic but this reminds me, I recently went expressly to the
    Angela Flanders shop on Columbia Road to sniff Sakura, thinking it might be a special omiyage to bring back to Tokyo. But the bottled scent didn’t seem to have any relationship at all to ‘sakura’ – either the flower or the motif – and I decided it would just mystify my Japanese friends.

    • have never really smelled a convincing sakura perfume to be honest; the scent is so delicate and fragile it almost doesn’t seem worth the effort.

      The ume at my station in Kamakura, really does smell robust: that is a good word for it. Last night it was almost overpowering and permeated the air, its colour and its smell

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