(‘Love Potion No. 4’)


















(‘Love Potion No 2’)






One of my perfume friends in Hong Kong has just been to Art Basel, HK and sent these pictures by the artist Gao Quian, featuring Chanel perfume bottles and clambering, classical  dragonflies. They struck me as so unusual and delicate I thought I would share them with you.


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8 responses to “CHANEL IN CHINA : LOVE POTION Nos 2 + 4 by GAO QUIAN

  1. The bottles and names are different but are the juices the same?

  2. My inquiring mind wants to know!

    • These are just perfume inspired paintings so I don’t know, but in Japan at least the Chanel bottles are the same as anywhere so I imagine that they would also be in China.

      I like the shape of this imaginary Bois Des Isles bottle, though, and the idea of love-drunk dragonflies desperate to smell them.

  3. Boveney

    Really lovely and inspired me to do a google image search for this artist. She has another water colour in this series: two moths (butterflies?) perched on a Mitsouko bottle. It’s called Acacia No. 3 – the first image you’ve posted is Acacia No. 4. Please thank your HK friend for introducing your readers to Gao Qian..

  4. Boveney

    Actually, I guess I got that backwards. Thank you for introducing Gao Qian to us….

  5. Holly

    Thank-you. Lovely!

  6. Wonderfully relaxing images. Would love to own one of these works. I will have to look up the artist and see other images she has created.
    Thank you for introducing these to us, thanks to your friend in HK also for sharing with you.

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